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Having giving up on that thing we like to call summer, I’ve instead fallen back to a wardrobe of non-seasonal clothes. You know, the kind that you can be wearing in autumn with a jacket, or spring with a skirt. Enter the Victoriana blouse. I’ve been eyeing this Alexa Chung Archive piece at M&S ever since the launch of its collection, but fortunately I staved off buying it until the sale and thank god because it was reduced to about £8!

Sadly, this blouse is no longer online, but it got me thinking about different ways of wearing something so timeless: white shirt, blue jeans, leather belt. It’s a look that’s so ingrained into the rules of style that we don’t even think about when we wear it anymore. But I’ve realised that the things I love wearing the most are just updated versions of these pre-programmed outfit ideas.

Each season, in comes a surplus of new trends, patterns, and colours. Half of these things we don’t suit, and the other half will be out of fashion before we’ve even managed to queue up and pay. So how to we beat the trends whilst still look fashionable?!

A hard feat, perhaps, but certainly doable. First, I suggest sticking to fail-safe outfit ideas that have been going for decades. The LBD, the white shirt, the capri pants, the tortoiseshell sunglasses. After this it’s time to have some fun. Observe the trends; what’s in, what’s out, what’s been in for a few seasons and seems to be going strong? The ‘mom’ jeans, and this blouse are cases in point. They’re both timeless yet totally modern and are updated versions of what we’ve come to know as a fashion uniform.

Accessories are the places that you can have fun, but I always like to stick to neutral block colours as that’s how I like to style things. Alternatively, I could see this outfit working just as well with some colourful pom-pom sandals and a bright bag!

Ultimately, I think this post is a warning. A warning not to get too caught up in the ever-moving fashion world, a warning to not worry whether you’ve got the latest silk bomber jacket. Instead to choose carefully, think wisely and don’t let fashion take away your inner style!




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