How to Time Your Weekend Away

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How to Time Your Weekend Away

It has come to that point in the year where holidays are the hot topic of conversation amongst all the desperate, cold and miserable people of the world. Whilst we’re all dreaming up and planning our summer holidays though, maybe we should be slipping in a little weekend getaway to keep us going through what looks like might be a snowy Spring – the joys!

Having just come back from said weekend I can confirm that I am now well-versed in the required timings needed for such a holiday. And so here they are, listed below as follows:

1) Your ETA

Your all important Estimated Arrival Time to your chosen destination must fall somewhere in between meals. Food will be the essence of your weekend away (because you’ve suffered through a diet all week to make the most of this) therefore it’s important that it’s at the centre of your short break. Arriving on an empty stomach will potentially result in a rock-star-like-meltdown if you don’t like the bedding/towels or other soft furnishings in your room. Equally, arriving whilst full will mean you’re more likely to have an hour’s nap and before you know it the spa has closed (damn, you were really looking forward to that sixty minute facial).

Using your Henry London watch to perfect your arrival time will allow you to avoid all food related tantrums… I’d say a 2pm check in is just right!

2) Your Pool Time

Falling somewhere between a dried prune and Gordon Ramsey without television makeup isn’t a good look for anyone. Indeed, shrivelled post-pool skin is something you should try and avoid at all costs, particularly when you’re booked in for fancy cocktails the following hour. Aha, that’s where your timings come in though! With Henry by your side you can make sure you do a twenty minute stint in the jacuzzi and jump out just before you start to resemble a sea creature. Who said a watch could only be used to make sure you’re not late for work! Essentially, it’s a mandatory part of your mini-break.

3) Cocktail Hour

Adopting an all important American wedding tradition, your weekend away should incorporate an hour or so of late afternoon drinks. Because let’s face it, when else are you able to grab a guilt free G&T at 4 o’clock in the afternoon? Après spa and avant dinner is your perfect time for cocktail hour. Although for goodness sake don’t reach into that hotel mini-bar or they’ll be adding double to the price of your room… Always purchase your alcohol in the cheapest booze shop you come across, errrrm, I mean, over the nearest M&S counter!!!

4) Your Eggs Florentine

This is arguably the most important timing you’ll need your Henry watch for of the whole weekend. One word: BRUNCH. Yes, and so we conclude on food again (I did say it would be at the centre of the mini break). While the idea of a nice little morning snooze in your comfortable hotel bed may seem like the idea of heaven to you, it’s worth considering how hungry you’ll be if you miss the 10.30-11.30am brunch slot of a Sunday morning. And of course, your #sundaystyle wouldn’t be complete without the perfect watch as an accessory!

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Henry London. 

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