Three Steps to Nailing Christmas

How to Nail Christmas in Three Precise Steps… 

#1 Zone Out of the Nonsense:

This includes:

  •  the million ‘gift guide’ posts bombarded at us from 1st November to 20th December (because really, who has time to remember the exact scent of Jo Malone room fragrance that your friend/mother/Secret Santa won’t be able to live without when faced with overcrowded, overheated shops?).
  • the OAPs that tell you (multiple times) where their window cleaner is spending his Christmas Day. Bahamas or not, I’ve got bigger fish to fry…
  • the social media spam reminding us that we need to lose two stone in a week whilst still eating camembert. No, it’s not possible – trust me, I’ve tried.

#2 Purchase a Multifunctional Skirt:

*see below for image of appropriate multifunctional skirt*, i.e. the skirt that can be worn with heels, boots, trainers, blouses, knits whilst still operating as festive-appropriate attire. The skirt strikes the perfect balance between ‘making an effort’ and ‘looking kinda casual’ (and who doesn’t have those types of Yuletide occasions to plan for?). Unfortunately I got this in Zara last year, but I’ve linked a few other all-purpose alternatives below.

Note: always ‘upgrade’ by one size at this time of year (otherwise known as buy bigger because… well, I don’t think I need to explain why *sigh*).

New Look Grey Pleated Skirt | Zara Midi Patent SkirtMango Velvet Pleated Skirt

#3 Always Stick to One Type of Alcoholic Drink (preferably a white spirit)…

…And then let it all fall by the way-side. Another prosecco top-up? WHY NOT?! It’s Christmas!

Before you know it you’re four pink proseccos, three vodka lemonades, two jaeger shots and the partridge has officially left the tree.

But what’s Christmas if it’s not aspirin-fuelled and cocktail-led?!

(Most of all though, don’t forget to enjoy… that one is vital


Phone Case | Cases We Love – Cruella’s Crush (worldwide shipping)

Skirt | alternative options above

Polar Neck Jumper | Zara

Boots | Topshop

Sunglasses | Dior (similar here)

Bag | Gucci (similar here)


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