Things I’ve Learnt in 22 and a half years as a millennial


As an experienced millennial (no, I don’t know what that means as much as you do), I thought I’d share my worldly wisdom with you all in 22 points, for the 22 and a half years on planet earth. 

  1. Commitment is a dirty, vulgar, OBSCENE word to to use. It should be wiped from the dictionary. Relationships, ah, who needs ’em?! Long term goals… what are they?! LOL!
  2. The words; ‘one more drink’ sound FABULOUS until the next day when you don’t even have the strength to watch Made in Chelsea.
  3. However, a glass of wine solves a multitude of problems.
  4. That I should have died approximately 4 million three hundred and thirty times if my Whatsapp messages are anything to go by: ‘OMG DYING!’
  5. Fancy dress always ends up more Bridget Jones than it does Elle Woods.
  6. Contouring should be left to the drag queens.
  7. Your heart isn’t broken at fifteen years old when you’re crying in the corner at a party (it is, however, when you’re twenty and your boyfriend is seeing someone else behind your back).
  8. It’s okay to prefer midi over mini.
  9. Boys don’t like it when you’re honest.
  10. But they also don’t like it when you’re playing games.
  11. You’ll never win with boys. Or is it men? Or boys? Probably boys…
  12. That there will always be a ten minute battle questioning whether you should sign off an email as ‘best’ or ‘best wishes’.
  13. Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety.
  14. Your bank account never grows.
  15. Freedom and Fun will always be held back by their arch enemies: Health and Safety. We’re a generation of over-caution.
  16. Buying a house is something we should all wave goodbye to until we’re at least forty-five. I’d rather spend my money on glossy magazines anyway…
  17. Instagram is an addictive substance.
  18. Karma exists.
  19. Blusher stains carpets.
  20. Nothing is real anymore. Even people’s faces.
  21. There are 76 calories in half a tin of carrot and coriander soup.
  22. Contrary to points 1 through to 21, being twenty-two is actually flippin’ good fun!

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