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Balmy evenings, when the stars twinkle down from the dark heavens and the thick summer air envelops your body… Pause. The reality is that it’s 7.30 on a Sunday morning and I’m not sure what the unpredictable English skies may throw at us today. But as I daydream of those warm summer evenings, hearing the crickets singing, my mind also turns to the perfect holiday wardrobe…

Whilst being one of my favourite things to pack for, holiday wardrobes can also end up a bit of a nightmare. It’s hard to strike the perfect balance between casual and dressy, whilst also staying true to your personal style. For me, there’s no point in buying that flouncy patterned dress because as soon as I hit back on British soil, it returns to the drawer never to see daylight again.

When putting together this look for what I’d wear on a summer/holiday evening, I stuck firmly to two briefs: comfort and dressy. There’s no point trying to stagger round your holiday destination in out-of-place stilettos, so the sandals seemed like the obvious choice. These ones were from Primark for just £6 (alternates here)!

Footwear chosen, the rest of the look was fun to play with. High-waisted ASOS trousers with a tie belt (here) transformed the look into something more evening-appropriate. I love the hessian-style fabric of this Mango top (now on SALE, here), and by loosely tucking it in, the waist-band of the trousers was still visible. (A little tip I’ve picked up on recently is to not tuck a top in all the way round – it can sometimes look a bit ‘stuffed up’ and is just a faff! Instead, tuck it in at the front to keep your style casual).

I always think that accessories completely cinch a holiday look. These earrings I actually bought for my 21st birthday party to wear with a floor-length dress, but I think they work equally well with something a bit more casual (also on SALE, here)! Gold has always been my go-to as I have slightly more yellow-toned skin, but I’ve realised that some shades of gold are better than others. For me, a very pale shade works best as it isn’t too brassy and doesn’t take anything away from the overall look! My watch and bag (both Gucci) work well together, as hardware is a soft gold.

But even if you’re not venturing abroad this summer season, this look will easily translate to warm summer night in England. Simply throw on a leather jacket and maybe swap the sandals for some heels and you’re good to go!

Happy Shopping!



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