The Lifestyle Edit | 5 Ways to be Productive before 9am

It turns out that my best friends are morning people. And, as it so happens, so are a lot of my family. So it goes without saying that I’m a morning person too, always have been. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a weekend lie-in, but I’m ready to paw out of my duvet cave after a bit of snoozing. Yes, I may be a natural morning person but at 6am when my alarm strikes, there’s nothing I’d love more than to hide underneath the warm sheets. But I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that I constantly fall back on to kick-start an early day, and by the time 9 o’clock comes, I’ve completed several tasks and am feeling at my most proactive…

It’s all in the prep.

A productive early morning starts the night before. Usually, getting up early means that you’ve got a lot of tasks to get done and the usual working 9-5 won’t allow you to fit them all in. So, crucially, you need to buy as much time as possible with getting ready the night before. If I’m going to the gym early, I’ll prepare everything, lining each item of clothing up to easily get dressed and even putting my car keys ready. If it’s an essay or something laptop-based, I’ll gather all my notes together and place them next to my laptop ready to get started.




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Health is Wealth

It’s an age old tip, but a healthy breakfast is the best way to get the day going (and it sets you on the right track for eating well the rest of the day!). Porridge with blueberries, fresh fruit and yoghurt, avocados and egg on toast… Whatever your time allows you, you can find a healthy breakfast to suit you.

Lists: lists, lists, lists

Is there anything more productive than a list? The highlighting, ticking, crossing-off is all part of a healthy, stress-free mind. Write your list the night before, or even in the morning whilst eating breakfast. Either way, make sure your mind is clear; I find there’s nothing worse than writing a list when I’ve got a million and one things on my mind, it only adds to the stress. Make sure you prioritise your list, with your most dreaded tasks being the first ones you tackle. And don’t forget to tick off as you go along – there’s nothing more satisfying!


Start before Breakfast

Some people can’t function before coffee, but for me the day wouldn’t be right without a strong, hot cup of English Breakfast tea. The first thing I tend to do on a super-early morning is get my tea and sip it in bed, which brings my nicely to my next step…


Quotes, Inspiration and 10 Minutes to Myself

Whilst I drink my tea in bed, I like to do a scrawl of Instagram for some inspiration. Be it creative, lifestyle or fashion, Instagram never fails to deliver exciting content that motivates me to achieve and be the best version of me. Pinterest also has a similar impact, and I love to pull together my favourite quotes to encourage the best productivity possible.


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