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As I touched upon in my previous post, autumn is a season for revival. It’s one where we move on from lazy holiday lie-ins and replace them with a get-up-and-go attitude. Our wardrobes change and a power coat can do wonders for the ego. So as the idea of chilled summer days dies out, we naturally feel the need to rejuvenate ourselves. Like a caterpillar shedding its skin, we’re desperate to feel good again. To get back into routine; to eat well, to exercise, to work hard.

And with that sentiment also comes a desire to change our beauty and style routines as well. It’s all well and good throwing a new blazer and boots on, but if the base isn’t right then nothing else works. A beauty regime, to me, has never been about loading a hundred concealers and ten shades of eyeshadow on at any one time. It’s about enhancing what you have naturally. It’s about clean skin, bright eyes and a dewy glow, and that’s where Gatineau comes in.

A brand built on natural ingredients and the latest in biotechnology, Gatineau creates salon quality products with results. When it comes to a skincare routine mine has been particularly lacking this year. Time gets swept away and so too do my effort levels. But approaching autumn, I’ve made a conscious attempt to get back to a daily pattern of beauty; using a twice weekly mask, moisturising my body after every shower as well as my usual exfoliate.

Simple, luxurious and revitalising, here are the Gatineau products I’ve been using to get back into routine…


A gentle exfoliator, the Radiance Enhancing Gommage is perfect for everyday use. Ideal for sensitive skin, you can use this product morning and night without feeling the effects of a harsh scrub.


Although I’m only twenty-three, ageing is that inevitable process that happens to the best of us! It’s something I’m conscious to slow down and make sure I look my best no matter what my age. Gatineau’s anti-ageing mask not only feels luxurious on the skin, but also gives a luminosity well after it has been washed off – long and short term perks!


I used this product both before and after going holiday the other week and have noticed that my tan is sticking around a little longer than it normally does on my fair skin. Boosting the production of melanin, which is the skin’s natural colouring pigment, the product assists your tan even before you’ve seen the sunny skies! It’s also a non-sticky moisturiser so lather on before bed and you won’t be glued to your sheets!


My favourite of the routine, Gatineau’s Aquamemory moisturiser is designed with hydration in mind. Its cooling, almost gel-like, texture is the best product to apply on a tired weekday morning. Another reason why this is my top product is the smell – fresh and light, the gentle fragrance of all the Gatineau products is one of the main reasons I’m triumphing the brand.


Used after the Aquamemory, this eye cream hides tired eyes as well as smoothing the skin. You only need a tiny amount so this is a product that will last! I’ve been slathering some on before bed and leaving it to settle in, as well as under my makeup in the morning which seems to boost the radiance under my eyes!

As September knocks on our door, and we settle back into work mode, make sure you invest as much time into taking care of yourself. Whilst a beauty routine aims to enhance your outer shell, it also helps your mental health. Taking fifteen minutes by yourself to relax with your favourite products allows you to wind down and shut off from the busy day. So if there’s one thing you amp up this autumn, make it your beauty routine.

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