How to Survive Your Final Weeks of University

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As the end is nigh, apocalypse is dawning and any other useful proverbial saying that summarises impending final exams/coursework, it may be a great time to ease the burden and read this guide on how to survive your final weeks at university. Of course, none of this advice is authorised, legally or medically, but that hasn’t stopped me before – perhaps though, this is worth bearing in mind (particularly in regards to Tips 1 and 4).

Tip 1

Go out. YES, there, I said it. I went against all sensible, logical and quite frankly boring advice that has been drummed into us since being a 16-year-old-GCSE-sitters. Go out, have fun, enjoy, YOLO! Because honestly, you will need a light at the end of the tunnel with those mind-numbing hours of revision (and if that light just so happens to be LED flashing nightclub lights then that’s totally acceptable). Don’t get me wrong, I would never condone excessive alcohol drinking, but a couple of cocktails on a Saturday never did anyone any harm…

Tip 2

Investments. We all know the insider’s tip to ultimate brain-power lies, of course, in the use of multi-coloured pens. Invest wisely. A pack of four colours just isn’t enough. It’s worth your weight in gold forking out £14.99 for a complete set of kaleidoscopic-coloured, multi-nibbed pens for you to draft your notes with. And for goodness sake don’t forget to treat yourself to one of those thick-paper notebooks too. One of those is bound to achieve the grades you want.

Tip 3

Revise in the garden! How pleasant; the sound of the birds chirping, sun-rays beaming down, I could just close my eyes for five minut… OH, look at the time, it’s 3.30, time to pack up! It’s amazing how fast you’ll pass the time when revising in the late Spring sunshine.

Tip 4

Buy new clothes, makeup, anything that makes you feel more like a human. I am a strong advocate of acquiring new garments and beauty essentials whatever the occasion (been fired from your job? Sure, let’s buy a new bag!), as I believe in the healing powers of Primark and Prada, or wherever you so desire!

Tip 5: after completing tips 1 to 4, you may need to also wish yourself a whole load of luck…

Bonne chance!

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pleated skirt

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