Survival | Three Occasions when Millennial Girls Need a Watch

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Okay, apart from adding an extra sassy accessory to your outfit, a watch is there to serve a purpose in a millennial girl’s wardrobe. Yes, we can use it to check if we’re on time for a meeting. Yes, we can use it to see how much longer our lecture is going to last. Yes, we can use it for a whole plethora of mundane activities of every day life, but I’ve got other occasions in mind where a Henry London watch is just what every girl needs…

Sunday Club

Definition: an opportunity for you and your friends to come together to discuss your lives, and politics, obvs. Involves G&Ts (dubbed now as the ‘Sunday’ drink, because you can put fruit in it… meaning it’s a fresh and healthy start ready for the new week!!!). Preferably located at a glamorous, yet equally #sundayvibes kind of place.

Time: Not one to miss, Sunday Club takes place between the hours of 2pm-5pm. Make sure you are accompanied by your Henry London Westminster watch so you don’t end up overdoing it on the lie-in…

Outfit: Sunday Club requires an über stylish outfit as you will be surrounded by your equally stylish girl tribe. This can be anything from OTT ruffled sleeves paired with flares, or a floral midi dress. Always style with a casual shoe (trainers or backless loafers are mandatory).

Optimum Insta-Engagement Time

Definition: This is the time(s) of day when people are most likely to interact with your Instagram photo, and due to Insta algorithms, we all know how important that is. Because who are we kidding, everyone wants a few more likes when they can get them…

Time: According to stats, between the hours 4pm-5pm and 8pm-9pm are most likely to result in higher engagement. Get your watch at the ready… Heaven forbid if you miss the slot because you’re busy!!!

Tips: Remember, although timing is key, a photo with good lighting, a nice background and an interesting focal point will always win.

Timing of Brunch

Definition: Timing your brunch is a finely tuned art; too early and the restaurant will be empty with no atmosphere, too late and you’ll have missed your brunch spot and have to eat a club sandwich instead of eggs royale (pfffft!).

Time: 10.45 is brunch-time perfection – tried and tested, trust me. Any earlier and you’ll be risking the lethal mid-afternoon hunger. Keep your eye on your watch at all times. Miss the slot and you’ll end up with a table by the toilet door.

Recommended: We all know the most exciting part of any weekend lies in the brunch. I recommend complete indulgence. A fruit starter, eggs florentine as a main course and of course a pastry to finish… calories don’t count at the weekend, right?

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