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Now that Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 is sadly no longer something you sing passionately to at parties, it’s time to start thinking about surviving your self-employment (let’s face it, that song was the only good thing about working in an office). Negotiating your way through the trials and tribulations of working at home is no mean feat, which is why the second part of my Survival series (find the first part, Survival | The Office, here) is offering invaluable tips and tricks for all of us self-employed millennial girl bosses!

Essential Rules

  • Entitle yourself with something official-sounding; CEO, Creative Director, Founder, Chief Exec.. The first step to being self-employed is altering your email sign-off to your much-deliberated appellation, enabling both yourself and your clients to buy into the smugness your new namesake.
  • Purchase a desk! Everyone knows the key to productivity lies in the accessories, not whether you’re actually doing the job properly. Make sure you invest plenty of time into desk research, i.e. are you thinking something rose gold or wooden? Glass top or marble effect? These are the details that really matter when you’re self-employed.
  • Schedule your breaks. Like one hour working, one hour off… that’s fine, right? I’m pretty sure TOWIE is under an hour anyway…
  • If a virtual colleague, or someone you are working with, is annoying you then make sure they know this, in a passive-aggressive way, of course. Email them as soon as you get up so they know you’re working much harder than them (even if you put the snooze alarm back on afterwards).
  • Check your junk mail. Check again, and check again later.
  • Dress up, and then Snapchat it. Someone other than the postman needs to know you’re wearing at 10/10 outfit today.

nakd fashion

And so it goes a little something like this… 

In the A.M. 

Every day of a self-employed person should start at 6am. No no, make that 6.30, you were up all night watching vloggers doing emails, of course. Anyway, 6.30 because early birds catch the worm (or the extra cash). So yeah, 6.30… Ouch, do you really need to get up at that time when you’ve no commute?! Oh yes, 6.30, because you’ve got that passive-aggressive email to send…

Begin each day as you mean to go on. Start with the easiest, smallest tasks and build your way up to the heavy stuff. No need to deal with important finance at 8 o’clock on a Monday morning.

After pencilling in hourly tea breaks on your ‘to-do’ list, and writing out the day’s jobs, surely it should nearly be… Oh look it’s time for lunch! Shall you go for eggs florentine or homemade sushi today? You’ve got a spare hour or two, surely?! (It’s times like these when getting up at 6.30 really benefits).

In the P.M. 

Things really start going down hill here after your super-productive morning. So to combat post-lunch fatigue, lethargy, or laziness (it’s okay to admit, no one is judging), schedule large chunks of time to scroll through Instagram. No seriously, I promise you this is totally productive. If you schedule it in then it’s part of your plan,  you don’t feel guilty. In fact, write it in as part of your check-list and tick it off when your fifteen minute Insta-scroll is up!

Don’t forget to check your afternoon junk mail (God, you really wish Trivago would stop pestering you with cheap flights to Tallinn).

So after a couple more hours of work and a holiday to Tallinn booked (where is Tallinn anyway?!), it’s time for a gym break. You’ve been working – blood, sweat and tears – through the morning, your back is hurting from lying on the sofa to do paperwork and your hand is aching from the catalogue of junk mail emails you’ve had to delete all morning. Exercise, therefore, is a mandatory part of a self-employed person’s day.

4pm. Gym done, you really deserve some time off – it’s been a non-stop day! A little afternoon siesta wouldn’t go amiss… Ooooh, time for dinner! Wow, this day has flown by, you must have been really productive!

Oh damn, that finance work you put off will just have to wait until tomorrow… what time does Countdown start?

nakd fashion

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