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All the most stylish of fashion girls know that the ultimate secret to being her best-self lies not just in the clothes, but in the grooming. No outfit is complete unless it has undergone a foolproof maintencence test – yes, even the most luxurious of items don’t make the cut if they’ve not been treated with respect. Tips and techniques, as always, lie below…

Tidy wardrobe. Tidy mind.

While some may argue that they can find their delicate pendant necklaces best on the floor (although girls, who are you kidding?), we all know that a key element of looking put-together starts at home, in the wardrobe to be precise.

Colour coding is absolutely essential; because if you’re anything like me, you’ll have accumulated a lot of items in your favourite colour palette (i.e. twenty-five ecru pieces of knitwear). It’s far easier to select your preferred piece (bell-sleeves or tie-sleeves?) when they’re all neatly together than it is to wade through a multifarious pile of your floordrobe.

Pretty hangers will be your best friend in this tidying task. Nothing beats coming to a wardrobe full of beautifully tidied pieces draped elegantly on their hangers. Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind!

Taking Care of your Clothes

Clothing maintenance is the best way to look impeccably, Audrey-Hepburn-level, chic. Pristinely ironed garments, hung properly in the wardrobe, shoes always clean and polished… you know that it’s the little details that complete a look.

A little handy hint to taking care of your garments… Oh but wait, shhhh, this next tip is a secret that is yet to be announced from Verve. Offering insider techniques on how to keep your clothes looking It-Girl-Immaculate, Verve, London Fashion Week’s official garment care suppliers, are launching something exciting on 23rd Feb (more to come in due course…).

But while you wait with baited breath, Verve is offering the chance for you to win a free bronze London Fashion Week Festival ticket! All you need to do is sign up to the Verve website here and post an Instagram picture of your favourite fashion piece with the hashtag #BeAVerveVIP. And just like that, you could get a free chance to attend one of LFW’s most anticipated events…

Busy Girl About Town

So now we’ve got the wardrobe sorted, it’s time to focus on you. Here’s a little survival check list for everything you’ll need to stay polished when you’re being the busy girl about town…

  • hair comb
  • mints
  • lipstick
  • nail file
  • spare cash
  • plasters
  • and your winning smile, in case all of the above fails

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Verve.

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What I’m Wearing

Coat | Zara (similar linked below)

Top | Zara (here)

Trousers | Zara (similar linked below)

Boots | Zara (here)


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