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Survival, by definition is explained in the dictionary as: ‘the act or fact of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances’. Coincidentally, something we are all carrying out day-to-day. Merely getting up after a 6am alarm should be considered an adverse circumstance, so well done you, you’re hanging in there!

Denial, our free-pass to stop us feeling bad about all the things we’ve done wrong, is therefore simply another coping mechanism for the hardships of life. It’s a way for us to learn how to live with reality, without feeling the inevitable crash we’d experience if we faced up to facts. Everyone (even the least likely candidate) is in denial to some extent, so why not just accept our human nature, and become a pro at it?

Denial 1 – Christmas Weight

Okay it’s happened to us all, a little extra roll, breathing in a little more to get your jeans on… But so what? We’re all in the same boat (and if you’re not then what’s your secret?!), so how do we deal with the inevitable?

For the months of December – March it might be a good idea to avoid mirrors/glass shower doors. Particularly post-meal-time. When the spring starts to approach it’s time to realise that Christmas is over and the health-kick really needs to start, but until then, denial is key.

pvc trousers Wear loose clothing. Particularly on a night out (tight dresses are an absolute no-go if you want to maintain an ounce of self-esteem). Instead opt for something stomach-skimming, or something equally loose for wherever your ‘holiday weight’ may be. Big coats, oversized knits, you get the picture.

Denial 2 – Bank Balance

This one is totally simple. Just don’t check your bank account. Peasy! But if you simply can’t avoid logging onto that dreaded app, then the best way is to scroll through and justify all of your expenses (see exactly how to do this on my last post on Mastering the Art of Justification). Denying what you’ve spent, particularly in the month of January, is absolutely fine, if not essential if you want to avoid a winter break-down. And the more you deny it, the easier it is to keep spending – thus easily and happily avoiding the winter blues!

Denial 3 – Our Work Load

This is an all time classic and most of us seem to be masters of procrastination if Twitter and Facebook are anything to go by. When it comes to our work load, we either fall into one of two camps:

Camp A) ‘Oh I’ve worked for 9 hours and 45 minutes straight today’ (even though half of that time you were just sat on your phone)

Camp B) ‘I’ve literally done nothing for a month’

While the latter may be the most truthful, it is Camp A that I am a cheerleader for! Yes, you may have been scrolling through the same pictures on Instagram all day, but facts are facts: you were sat at your desk, the work was in front of you. We don’t even need denial for that – it’s just the truth!

Denial 4 – The Gym

Three summers ago, you went to the gym every day for a month. It went down to about 4 times a week, and that lasted a little longer. Time has passed and you manage to get to the gym twice a week (max), yet whenever anyone asks the dreaded, ‘how often do you go to the gym?’ you hark back longingly to the days of four times a week. But it’s okay. Who needs to feel gym-guilt on top of everything else in life?! I say deny deny deny, no one’s going to put you on a fitness test to check.

Denial 5 – Filters

Remembering your best, carefully selected, painstakingly edited photos on your Instagram and thinking ‘wow, I really looked great that night!’: a case of serious denial but never, repeat, never let anyone remind you of your edits. Yes, that’s really you in that picture -believe it, girl, you look amazing!

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