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In our generation, it’s not just the bloggers who need an Instagram husband to track their every move. Millennials all over the world are finding that they must have someone to document and capture those ‘unexpected’, ‘unfiltered’ moments, and why not kill two birds with one stone by making that person your boyfriend, too? 

Step 1)

Do your research! It’s critical that your Instagram husband must already have a keen eye for aesthetics. Interiors, fashion and good taste in glassware proves he’s got style enough to become the modern day answer to Mario Testino. In order to judge this, you must frequent plenty of Insta-worthy restaurants and bars, giving yourself optimum opportunity to hunt down anyone who finds these places as conceptually pleasing as you do.

N.B. Make sure he hasn’t ended up at any of these places as a fluke whilst searching for the nearest Wetherspoons. 

Step 2)

Though now you’ve managed to pounce, erm, sorry, chat politely about your respective careers, at a suitable location, the hard work hasn’t ended. On first meeting you must put his iPhonography skills to the test, determining whether you should either cordially end your short but sweet rendezvous here, or whether he can be shaped into your next paparazzo. Chances are he won’t be skilled enough to make you look like Gigi Hadid on the first try, but artistry can be honed over time (you don’t want to over-face him!). What you’re instead looking for is a good eye for composition and perhaps rough knowledge of lighting – but don’t punish him if he can’t get this right.

To test this out, request that he takes a photo of you and a friend. Essentially you’re looking for a picture where he hasn’t chopped your shoes off, because every Millennial Girl knows that you need the all-important ‘full outfit’ photo on a night out.

lucinda king jewellery

shein dress

Step 3)

While you may be pleased that your Instagram husband-to-be has basic photography skills that will suit your needs pre-night out, this is merely groundwork. What you need is someone who is sharp enough to capture you spontaneously in the right pose at a café, and who has a sixth-sense about the exact moment you’ll turn around in the street, flash that winning smile and voilà, your perfect impromptu shot. For this he must be aware that he needs to have his phone, at the very least (a camera would be preferable), ready at all times.

Step 4)

Balance is key! Within the first few months of seeing each other you don’t want to scare him away, otherwise you’re back to the drawing board and without a photographer for the foreseeable future. Instead, ease him gradually into life behind the camera. Make sure every occasion isn’t pressurised with a photoshoot. Ease him in with a few selfies first, at least he’ll feel part of the Instagram experience and understand the importance of angles and a subtle filter.

Step 5)

If you’re feeling comfortable (and brave) enough with your Instagram husband to teach him the ropes of photo-editing, then go ahead. This step is only for relationship veterans though. Those boyfriends who know they’re in it for the long-run and not just used as a temporary shutterbug. It may even be worth having a few outings phone-free, just so he’s reassured that you actually like him!

Once you’ve reached this status then it’s perfectly acceptable to introduce him to VSCO and Snapseed and all the other apps you may use.

You never know, he might end up getting more into it than you! 

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shein dress

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shein dress

shein dress

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