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Survival just isn’t the same without the help from your sisterhood. Whether you’ve got a big girl gang or a small group of besties, proper etiquette with your female friends is always required. From bathroom rules to dance-floor decorum, here are the modern manners that the girls’ girl should diligently live by…

Party Animals

Every girls’ girl knows that the party starts way before you walk into that bar/club. Armed with the latest ICONIC highlighter, a pair of GHDs and back-up outfits, the most courteous of ladies will always come prepared. Completing her makeup first, she offers her skilled hand in putting out smokey-eye-related fires.

Once you’ve tackled the getting-ready process, it’s time for the night itself. All the girls’ girls will know the importance of bathroom bonding, sharing both secrets as well as mascara, perhaps even with people you don’t know… But hey, the chances are they’ll repay you the favour and let you borrow that lipliner you left at home!

So when it comes to rival girl gangs, things sometimes get tricky, but as Aretha Franklin once taught us… R.E.S.P.E.C.T., ladies. Snobbery towards others is not the trait of a girls’ girl and is very unwelcome in this guide. Rather than ‘accidentally’ spilling your drink on other girls, a girls’ girl will always befriend others and invite them into them into your inner circle on the dance floor.

Wired In

In order to do your best at being a girls’ girl, it is essential that you’re wired in at all times. Group messages, the hub of planning, scheming and gossiping, with your most trusted girl friends is where you should dedicate 50% of your waking attention to. Midnight crises or your next drinks plans, girls’ girl are always on virtual hand to support you.

As we all know, though, the online world is far more than just a few text messages. Yes, the ultimate female friend will always have your back… liking your Insta pics and replying to your tweets is a sure sign of the most well-bred girls’ girl!

Fashionable Females

Birds of a feather flock together, so it’s likely that you and your gal pals will find yourselves with a few similar sartorial purchases. Of course, this is very socially acceptable and given the way trends form, you’ll be dressing similarly anyway. That said, there are a few rules to follow when it comes to fashion and friends:

Civilities Include…

  • Never under any circumstances do you buy her clothes without telling her first.
  • If you really like her what she’s wearing, tell her that you want it. Most likely she’ll be flattered and encourage you to buy it.
  • When you get said item, make sure you style it differently to her. Problem/cat-fight solved.

It is a well-accepted unwritten rule that true friends always give honest opinions when it comes to outfits (within reason). Tactfully tell her that she looks better in the green dress with the lace-up heels, without offending her on her current look. While temporary dismay may occur, she’ll thank you for it when the Instagram picture is uploaded the next day.

Going back to the ‘Wired In’ section, always be on hand to offer advice when she sends you a picture of an outfit from the clutches of the Zara changing room. The best thing about girls’ girls is that A) being high-maintencence isn’t an issue because you’re all the same, and B) they understand when you’re wearing a baggy silk midi dress over a turtle neck.

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Girls’ Girl Playlist

Destiny’s Child Independent Women

Little Mix Shoutout to my Ex

Gabrielle Dreams Can Come True

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Spice Girls  Wannabe

TLC No Scrubs

Jamelia Superstar


What I’m Wearing

Coat | Misguided (linked below)

Jeans | Topshop, old (very similar below)

Bag | Gucci (similar below)

Boots | Topshop (linked below)

Jumper | Zara (linked below)

Belt | Gucci (linked below)


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