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While it’s all too easy to get caught up in the falsities of Instagram behaviour, we should take a step back every once in a while to remind ourselves of the normalities and banalities of every day life. Here, we triumph the normal female *gasp*. You know, the one who spends three hours online shopping but struggles to remember to clean her makeup brushes. Yeah, hands up if that’s you too?

It’s a conclusive thing… We’re all in the same boat and it’s high time we set sail to the idea of Insta perfection. So without further ado, here’s the check list for all the #relatable females and a reminder that you’re normal, I’m normal, we’re all just normal

The Normality Check-List:

  • Your back is a different shade to the rest of your body because you couldn’t be bothered to fake tan there (it was too cold and you’re not wearing anything backless any time soon).
  • You spend fifteen minutes perfecting the composition of your Instagram picture but won’t spend ten reading an article in the newspaper.
  • You ate three chocolate bars last night but only three strawberries for breakfast.
  • Your thighs are not the same size as your wrists but you don’t care because a post-night-out takeaway is worth so much more.
  • You spent £4.65 on a weird tasting coffee but you nearly had a heart-attack at paying 30p to use the train station toilets.
  • You had to quickly Google what GDP means to prove to your parents that you DO know what it stands for…
  • You spend your life savings on a three grand Chanel bag but try and haggle with the sales assistants in Primark.
  • You put more consideration into what colour your nails are going to be than you did replying to an email at work this morning.
  • You never check your bank account but don’t hesitate at placing a £300 order on ASOS (you intend to return most of it anyway…).
  • One glass of wine is enough to make you forget all your healthy eating vows and before you know it you’ve eaten a family sized bag of Kettle crisps and you’ve polished off the last of the Christmas chocolates.
  • You find that getting petrol is the most hideous task you’re faced with so you put it off until it’s touch-and-go whether you’re going to make it there or not.
  • You spend more than your monthly gym membership on Missguided activewear just to force yourself into going.
  • You’ve refreshed your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (you don’t even use Twitter) and emails twenty times within a minute waiting for the guy you fancy to text you back.
  • You moan about not getting to sleep until 2am but you don’t tell everyone that you were dazzled by the blue lights of your phone until 1.
  • You walk round Homesense carrying a huge basket of homeware until you realise A) you can’t afford it and B) you don’t own your own house…
  • Sweatpants have become your winter uniform and although you once vowed never to wear them outside the house, you now refuse to get changed to go out.
  • You spend more time doing your makeup for brunch than you do before a night out (with brunch being the current ‘It’ activity).
  • You’ve been vowing you’d go to Barcelona every year for the past five years but somehow you’ve still never been…

So, who’s in agreement? Hurrah for normality and all its quirks and oddities! What a good job we’re all the same, otherwise there would be some people seriously questioning this post…

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