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Ah, you didn’t think fashion month could go by without an insider’s peak into the lives of all those F’rowers, did you? Of course not! Get the lowdown on the life of the experienced street style star here… 

Mandatory ‘back in Pareeeee’ Insta story; ‘this is my fave city in the entire world! I get to ride bicycles, visit museums, see the beautiful French architecture, wear onions around my neck!!! Oh, is that a Maison Margiela gift on the bed…?!’

Glides around the city in town cars snacking on dried avocado shavings coated in raw cacao powder.

Gets up at 4.30am to get shot of self in front of Eiffel Tower minus tourists. Realises too dark until 7.30 so takes photographs of several plates of food that will be soon thrown in the bin.

Attends morning breakfast event hosted by Madonna about starvation in Africa.

Will refuse to attend show if not seated in the F-Row (even if invitation hand-delivered by Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, riding a Vespa with a balloon tied to its diamond-encrusted collar).

Skips down Parisian side street holding hands with ten other fashion gurus/mavens/wannabes/other. Smiles coquettishly at the camera whilst whispering to the girl next to her to NEVER copy her Gucci bag again.

Wears baker boy hat she reclaimed from a waste heap with Miu Miu satin flats.

Photographed profusely for own website but puts head down in modesty and embarrassment when walking past paps.

Casually throws on ruffled blouse, wide leg reworked, distressed denim jeans, layers 16 necklaces but feels excessive so removes one. Off Duty.

V chill café hopping commences. Grabs at photo ops with every uneaten croissant. Approx. €135 will be spent on uneaten croissants and artfully decorated cappuccinos during Paris fashion week trip.

Leaves city having attended only one show (only one she could get front row at) but been featured on all the street style sites. Accomplished.




What I’m Wearing

T-Shirt | Zara, here

Trousers | Mango, linked below

Shoes | Chanel, similar linked below

Sunglasses | Céline Catherine Havana, similar linked below

Bag | DKNY, linked below


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