How to Self-Brand in 2018

blue fur coat

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If you’re not a brand yet then you should be one. Yeah you, yourself. I don’t mean having a brand (boring), I mean BEING a brand. Living and breathing. Walking and talking. You. Are. A. Brand. (Or should be).

An accountant, a blogger, a babysitter: you’re a brand, darling. It’s basically The Apprentice and everyone around you is Alan Sugar (I’m still personally in mourning for Nick and Margaret, anyone else?). Dog eat dog. You’re no one if you’ve not thought about your self-branding. Like, what do you want to say to the outside world?! If you’ve not thought about this then I suggest adding it to the other *list of things to stress about in 2018.

1) Reinvention – What Your Clothes Say About You:

Who do you want to be today? Maybe yesterday you wore trainers, but the New Year you is a loafers kinda girl. No honestly, the details should be that fine. You need to really dig deep into the market you want to reach. Is your future boyfriend really going to see the benefits of a pair of Gucci, slip-on furry loafers? Is it worth making the transition? What do you want your footwear to say about YOU? Make a list of pros and cons. Srsly.

Lots more things to consider in the sartorial department:

  • Are you a dresses or trousers kind of girl? Dresses say ‘kinda fun, kinda feminine’, trousers mean business (lol, there’s one we didn’t know before).
  • Oversized sunglasses portray a glamorous image, smaller Raybans are for the cool girls – WHICH ONE ARE YOU? You need to decide btw or no one will want to hire you/talk to you/associate with you if you aren’t sure of your own self-brand.
  • A teddy coat means you’re just relaxed and having fun – is this really you? Or are you a tailored coat woman? Try not to stray.

blue fur coat

2) Some Sort of Detailed Website…

Errrr, so I guess first of all you’ll need a web designer? Or Google… Obvs the budget version is for Google to be your helping hand when setting up a website but if you’re really really serious and dedicated (which you should be) about making yourself into a brand then it’s always worth splashing the cash on a professional. Oh oh oh, and you can design a logo whilst you’re at it! You may as well go the whole hog and show the outside world how dedicated to your brand you are.

So now you’ve got your website all set up you better put some content in it about how amazing and fabulous you are – because that’s what a personal brand is all about: floating your own boat. Right, so you should be showcasing your talents (because everyone has a talent in 2018)… Maybe you’re really good at making tea? Or can do 50 squats without resting? Try not to exaggerate though, no one likes a showoff.

And I guess that’s about it…

3) Instagram Curation

As we all know, Instagram is no longer a place where we can shove on a quick TBT to Ibiza 2016. No, your Instagram should reflect your self-brand. It’s the new CV and everyone is watching. Basically the aim is to hide as much of your real life as possible. It’s not deception though. Simply… Curation.

4) Know Your Audience

A brand isn’t a brand without an audience, right? You should probably tailor your audience’s needs depending on where you are and what you’re doing. You also need to do a bit of market research… Like, if your landlord just so happened to be your audience, you should find out what they do in their spare time. Maybe they like painting walls (pretty sure that’s a landlord related hop? Then you show them a picture of yourself painting. You know, that kind of thing.

So I suppose that’s about it… Unless you can think of some other nonsensical, and wholly irrelevant claptrap to add? I think we’re just about done! 

light blue fur coat

coloured fur coat

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