Restyling the Reworked Shirt


A shirt. The item we’ve come to know as the most simple, classic piece we can own… But this year, all that has changed. Since Jennifer Lawrence first appeared in that Dior dress with a necklace down her back, all things in necklines have been to play for. It’s not enough anymore to wear your shirt buttoned down the front, sleeves neatly fastened. Indeed, it’s far more ‘du jour’ to be one-shouldered, half-buttoned, waist-tied, sleeves-rolled than ever before.

However, try styling a stiff white shirt like this and you’ll end up looking less fashion and more pirate post-shipwreck (and no, not in the Johnny Depp kind of way…). Thanks to this Zara shirt though, it’s easy to create a fresh new look without tearing up your classics. Although those heaven-sent Zara designers have done the hard-work for us (this shirt is made to be ‘back-to-front’ with a split up the centre), I went to extra lengths and restyled this already reworked shirt. By putting it on the wrong way, undoing some buttons and adding a knot-waist, I think I’ve proved that this piece can work over-time without the inevitably dishevelled end result… now that’s artistry that not many of us can master!





Zara Shirt

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