How to Pretend You’re Summer Ready

striped orange dress

striped orange dress

Yay summer! Sun! Beaches! Holidays! …Bikinis! …Fake tan… Oh heck. While the prospect of summer overwhelms us with thoughts of beach-lounging and other summer-appropriate activities, the realities include skin that looks like tiger bread from constant fake tanning, and the conflict between stuffing yourself at BBQs and looking good in a bikini. So as usual here on the Millennial Girl’s Guide, having fun and self-indulgence is always preferable. Below are a few tips on convincing everyone you’re summer ready, without actually having to make the effort!

Carry a Basket Bag

Nothing says easy-breezy like a large basket bag. Be sure to swing it round, show it off, you can even twirl round the streets if you’re feeling daring. It all adds to the look. Everyone needs to know you’re as light and airy as Natalie Portman on the Miss Dior ad. Complete the look with a bunch of flowers for summery authenticity.

P.S. This is extra essential if you’ve abandoned the summer diet. Use it, shield-like, to cover up areas of unwanted fat. More gelato over here, please! 

striped orange dress

Laugh Spontaneously

Apparently this is good for you anyway. Breaking into beaming smiles out of the blue is certainly the sign of summer. Smile at strangers (within reason), unashamedly laugh out loud to funny text messages, beam affectionately at the cloud-shrouded skies, the grass, potholes even. Treat everything as a sheer miracle!

G&Ts and Pimms

Talk about summer essentials, these should be at the top of your to-do list. A G&T in one and and a Pimms in the other is preferable, if not fundamental to creating an image that shouts ‘this girl is summer-ready!!!’.

Fake It

As mentioned in the intro, fake tan is part of summer hardship. If you can’t abide going ‘au naturel’, and embracing pale skin in summer just isn’t an option, then you’re just going to have to throw caution to the wind and come to terms with patchy mess fake tan can leave your skin in. No amount of moisturising can avoid this. Embrace it. If anyone asks, you’ve got a rare skin-condition that appears only in the warmer months – they’ll never question your flaking bottle-tan again.

striped orange dress

striped orange dress

The Playlist

Songs to inspire summer include the following:

  • Moi Je Joue – Brigitte Bardot
  • In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry
  • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Summertime – Ella Fitzgerald

(Blast these from your car if you really want to fake those summer vibes).

Wear Stripes!

So once you’ve completed the above steps, and if you’re serious about kidding everyone that you’re totally ready for summer, like really, then the final thing to do is wear stripes. If you’re not wearing stripes in summer then you may as well throw in the beach towel. If the idea of whipping out a striped mini dress with spaghetti straps makes you feel like emigrating to colder climes, then opt for something full-body-covering; it provides a real sense of security (tried and tested in accompanying images).

striped orange dress

striped orange dress

What I’m Wearing

Dress | Zara, here

Shoes | Chanel, similar style linked below

Basket Bag | Primark, not sold online, similar linked below

Earrings | Old, similar linked below

Sunglasses | Céline, linked below


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