How to be a Modern Day Domestic Goddess



The art of domesticity is dying quicker than the trend for crocs back in 2007. Indeed, we no longer have time to indulge in domesticated activities (suggested to be baking, home maintenance and looking like a 1950s pinup… Not sure how relevant the latter is). Below is the cheat sheet to becoming a modern day domestic goddess, complete with suitable hairstyles and relevant activities… 

Lesson 1) The first and easiest way to becoming a domestic goddess begins with appearance. You must acquire correct domestic goddess type uniform in order to execute any tasks that may need to be undertaken. For example, an apron (or ‘pinny’ as you should now call it) can guide you to new heights of domestication. Make sure it is adorned with dusky pink roses or other aptly quaint designs, i.e. cupcakes/gingham (on trend). More points for you if you can find an apron with all three designs on together.

Lesson 2) Continuing the theme of presentation, a true domestic goddess should be complete with rollers in her hair during all domesticated tasks. Here, you will be killing two birds with one stone (not literally, as a domestic goddess never partakes in acts of violence) by working on your beauty routine at the same time as looking like a professional DG (domestic goddess).

Lesson 3) Learning how to bake is all well and good but a domestic goddess should always eat the baked goods herself (also no one post 1990 has had time to bake apart from on quintessentially British pop-culture programmes). I say, eschew the baking, leaving more time to get your rollers in, whilst also avoiding any kitchen disasters that may arise when baking a cake (i.e. burning/melting/spilling by distraction of technological devices). Instead pay a visit to your local boulangerie (also know as Tesco confectionary aisle) and select the most home-madey looking pudding. Serve and eat smugly wearing pinny.



Lesson 4) Reduce stress and anxiety when it comes to washing up simply by loading the dishwasher throughout the day. It’s far easier than it sounds and it will save you an abundance of time washing up after your evening meal! Who would have thought!

Lesson 5) A DG should be well-versed in the art of sewing/knitting/similar. However, in case you’re not a dab hand with a needle and thread, you should make sure to purchase some hand-made-looking knitwear to convince people you’re a whiz at DG duties. No one needs to know you got it in Mango (always nimbly cut label out).

Lesson 6) A modern day DG ought to be well aware of the dos and don’ts of social media. Hence why she brushes up on such things by reading Mastering the Art of Instagram Etiquette, Mastering the Art of Insta Stories and What Your Frequently Used Emojis Say About You .

Lesson 7) Ah ha! You should now be well-versed in the art of domesticity. Now you can go forth and enjoy your Sundays feeling v. Nigella in her Christmas specials.

(P.S. Tesco bakery does a great gooseberry pie!)



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