What Your Millennial Drink Says About You

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Your beverage of choice can reveal a lot about your personality. English Breakfast or Earl Grey? Black coffee or milky? Cocktails (plural, ofc) or wine…?

As with everything in the millennial generation, drinks have been under construction, getting a glamorous makeover to match our ever-burgeoning need for all things complicated. Sorry, I mean ‘fancy’. Given that drinks can be the nucleus that hold together much of our social life, and are often the little perks we indulge in on a dreary day, it only seems right that we devote an appropriate amount of digital space to these quotidian saviours. We all have our fail safe faves but is there a reason we gravitate towards these particulars? Revealed below, here’s what each millennial drink says about you…

Coconut Water –

Ever since Olivia Palermo stepped out of her Manhattan apartment a few years ago declaring coconut water to be her beverage of choice, females have flocked to the drink in the hopes that it will be the elixir that guides them towards a Germanic male model husband like OP’s… So, other than a desire to steal Olivia’s dewy skin, what else does coconut water say about you?

On Health: You’re a health-conscious gym bunny who often talks about detoxes, flushing out toxins and any other tox-related regime. Coconut water has become a way of life since you quit caffeine three years ago after you read a horror article about it that was being bandied around on Facebook (turns out it was fake news but you’ve since become a bit of a health-freak).

Where You Holiday: A mindfulness retreat is an ideal holiday for you. Somewhere in Ibiza where you can go and party afterwards, is ideal… You take your coconut water to all the yoga classes and discuss its electrolyte potassium benefits with fellow retreat-goers.

Grapefruit G&Ts –

Gone are the days when a gin and tonic could be enjoyed in its basic form. Now it should be sprigged up with herbs, grapefruit juices and elderflower flavourings. Is this your drink of choice? You’ll probably tick these boxes then…

Career Girl: Fraught after a manic day of conference calls, in business meetings and general things that corporate people say they do when they’re rly rly busy, you turn to a fuss-free G&T after work (wine is far too much of a relaxed drink for you. Save that for the creatives of the world…). But wait! The cocktail menu is a delight of fruity and exotic mixes! A zing of grapefruit in your G&T is bound to give you a much-needed burst of energy after three hours debating with leading world executives about something important. And of course, as every smart girl knows, it provides you with your daily dose of vitamin C. You’ll take two.

Your Handbag: A grapefruit G&T career girl, you’re always practical and tote around a black Fendi 2Jours. Sensible, yes. A statement that shows you’re a very successful business woman? Naturally.

Moroccan Mint & Honey Tea

Ahhh the aromatic infusions of a caffeine free tea. Relaxing, tranquil, therapeutic? If you drift towards these exclusive herbal teas, here’s what personality you must be…

What You Read: An eclectic mix of books from Elizabeth Gaskell to the latest Khaled Hosseini. You have an open mind to all narrative adventures and love nothing more than to snuggle down under a blanket with your moroccan mint & honey green tea. (Even better if someone you know spots you reading a diverse range of books. There’s nothing you like more than feeling worldly and well-rounded in front of an acquaintance).

Preferred Dining: Somewhere off the beaten track, you like to discover quirky little cafés that turn broken umbrellas into cutlery. Anywhere that you can try new oriental teas and eat cakes made only of crushed organic raisins and vanilla essence is your vibe.

Double Shot Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Go go go go GO! Is coffee your life? Are you living off the stuff? Does it wake you up in the morning? Does it keep you going through the day? When are you going to get your next fix? Where is the nearest Starbucks for god’s sake?!


Education: You’ve been non-stop studying from the ages four to twenty-five, so you need all the coffee buzz you can get. Revising into the late hours means you’ve struggled to return to a sleeping pattern since graduating, making you super anxious and unable to relax. A double shot latte with lots of added ingredients is the only way to keep you going, and you fail to realise that this may just be an extra complication to your already wired lifestyle.

What’s in Your Bag: Besides an abundance of ripped and damaged Starbucks loyalty cards, your bag is a Pandora’s box of loose change, half-used packs of tissues and an ex boyfriend’s tooth brush. You’ve never had time to clear it out so it has become a relic of memories past.

Of course, with everything on The Millennial Girl’s Guide, we can’t rely on the facts provided. But if you do find yourself hooked on double shot sugar free cinnamon dolce lattes then I advise you stop fairly soon (or at least have the sugar version – if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right!).

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