Mastering the Art of Packing

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Mastering the Art of Packing

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who spent a small fortune to seek some sun just as England enjoys its hottest summer on record, then try not to despair too much. A pool, for one, is much nicer than battling out the heat in your back garden whilst the neighbour’s BBQ smoke seeps into your hair. And bikini shopping is almost as exciting as your wedding day! There’s so much to look forward to on holiday but is packing looming over your head like a bad day at work? Well, never fear ladies! The Millennial Girl’s Guide is back with some foolproof *cough* tips to cover all your packing woes.

Step 1 – Purchase a White Board

Packing, as all high-maintenance , fashion-conscious, beauty junkies should already know, must begin weeks in advance to the holiday departure in question. And by weeks, this could be up to a month, if not longer. A wardrobe plan must take place. I advise maybe even making a chart of what you need, or at least beginning some sort of Pinterest board. Wilkinsons (#notspon) sell cheap white boards that you can use multi-functionally to set up a post-holiday-diet-chart for when you come back. For now though, you should plan your holiday wardrobe on said board – although make sure it comes with an eraser, your hands will be black from the rearranging of outfit choices. Your current wardrobe situation, what you’re lacking in and what you’ve been lusting after at Mango should all be included here.

Step 2 – The Buying

By now you should be very well-equipped to face the music. And by music, I mean shopping. Online or on the high-street, you need to go in with confidence, focus and a budget about the same amount that your holiday cost you… Strategic manoeuvres should be in place to make sure you avoid falling into the trap of coming out with everything but the one thing you wanted. However, if you so happen to fall out of Selfridges with the new Gucci straw tote to wear to the beach I also completely support this.

Step 3 – The Airline

Before you begin the ‘putting in the case’ process, you ought to have purchased the ability to take a large suitcase onto the plane (there and back…). If you think you can manage a week with a carry-on and two vest tops then three cheers to you, but it’s likely you don’t belong on this page. I would even suggest planning your airline around the amount of luggage you can take on, avoiding any unexpected dramas of which pair of shoes you’re going to ditch the day before you fly when you realise the luggage allowance is 15kg and not 20.

Step 4 – The ‘Putting it in the Case’ Process

You may well have watched many a YouTube tutorial on ‘How to Pack a Suitcase’, but the reality is, you don’t have the dexterity, patience or financial backing to be folding your Hermès scarf into a non-crease swan before you put it in your case. And with the five new dresses, four pairs of shorts and luxury beach towel you purchased last week, the likelihood of this being an easy endeavour is as likely as Germany being welcomed home from the World Cup with pride. Zero. Prepare yourself for battle. Set aside a full day. Clear your bedroom. Avoid human contact. Create a good playlist. This is war.

Perhaps, after the first hour, you think it’s all going swimmingly. All your clothes are folded or rolled neatly, you’ve even got room for the handbag you weren’t going to take! You think you’ve conquered it, you think you’re there! Then you spot it: the pile of clothes you’d set aside last month that you neglected to pack, and the heels you vowed that you’d never bring again: but worry strikes, this could be the year you kick yourself for not shoving them in your case. Beads of sweat start to break, you panic-Google good packing techniques, you may even call your mum for assistance.

In such a case there’s only really one thing to do: pour yourself a G&T and sit on Instagram for an hour. You’ll come back to it slightly fuzzy headed and not really caring if you manage to fit in the £100s worth of beauty products you bought yesterday in.

Happy Packing!

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