Mastering the Art of Living Life Unapologetically

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Mastering the Art of Living Life Unapologetically

Buried deep under the mountain of your to-do list, the constant attempts to please your boss, your family, your best friends, and a growing anxiety to live the life of other people’s Instagram accounts, is a little desire to throw caution to the wind and live your life unapologetically.

It’s barely noticeable, suffocated by your active millennial mindset, but it’s there. A need to practice the much-used phrase, ‘you do you, hun’. You quell these thoughts as real life steps in the way, demanding your time and attention on the mundane tasks that we have no choice but to fulfil. We live in a society where even the weather seems our own fault, apologising for the ‘awful rain’ we have here.But in amongst this hum drum of daily routine, you dream of spending your savings on a trip around India, or even something as small as relaxing in the garden on a hot summer’s day with a can of ice cold Diet Coke without worrying about your project deadlines.

How many times a day do you find yourself saying ‘sorry’ for something you shouldn’t have to apologise for? We Brits apologise up to seven times a day, making that a grand total of nearly 2500 per year. Fed up of this? Yeah, me too… It’s time to forget about about others, and do something for you – because you can. However big and small, it’s time to shake things up and master the art of living your life unapologetically!

The Millennial Girl’s Guide knows that life’s too short to be serious (hence, why all posts here are injected with some light-hearted wit and a splash of entertainment) so without further ado, I bring you this guide of a few hints and tips to help you break the mould and step out of your comfort zone… Because you never know, beautiful things might happen there!


Step 1- Take a Lone Trip

A three week venture to Australia? Tick!

A weekend escape where you can focus on that project you’ve been dying to do? Tick!

A visit to a museum to get you inspired again? Tick!

What an adventure is to one person is another person’s nightmare, but no matter how close to home or far away your solo trip is, take some time and go out there by yourself. Sit at a café and take that first sip of Diet Coke after a long day of sight-seeing, enjoy the little moments without worrying about pleasing anyone else but yourself. Being immersed in different cultures, or simply a change of scene, opens your mind to new ideas, so say goodbye to everyone else and do this one for YOU!

Step 2 – Never be Embarrassed Getting your Killer Instagram Shot.

You go girl! Never back down in front of the stares and little whispers of other people whilst you repeatedly skip down the street with a basket bag trying to get THAT perfect walking shot. The minute you move on from everyone else’s opinions will be the minute you feel a whole lot more confident. So don’t back down, go and do some crazy pose that will really get them talking!

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Yawn yawn, how many people have told us that cereal bars carry just as much sugar as chocolate?! Yeah, I can’t count either! But sometimes, when I’m really hungry, I just want to pretend that I’m having a healthy snack and scoff a cereal bar. It’s all a trick of the mind. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Step 4 – Play One Direction’s greatest hits when you pick up the guy you’re seeing for your second date.

If he can’t accept you for that then you need to get rid of him quick! Don’t ever feel like you have to hide your taste in cheesy pop bands and noughties throw-backs!

Step 5 – Book a holiday in the sun!

‘OMG this weather is so GRIM!’

‘This rain is making me so miserable!’

‘I really want to wear my new linen blouse…’

Sound familiar? I really think you need a holiday… Go ahead, everyone deserves an unexpected treat every now and again.

Step 6 – Style it out.

Sport your new oversized, beaded, hot pink statement earrings with a jumper and jeans to the supermarket. Who said fashion was just for city slickers? A trip to your local superstore to pick up your daily fix of Diet Coke warrants a killer outfit just as much as a stroll around Selfridges… It’s time to stop letting the boring day-to-day routines of life get in the way of dressing how you want to dress. So pull out your blazer, your espadrilles and gold rings and flaunt them with pride!

Okay, now it’s your turn… What do you do to live your life unapologetically? What do you do to throw caution to the wind, forget your negative inner voice and embrace something new? How do you ignore those around you and focus on living without worry or regrets?

As a nation, we need to embrace our own wants and needs and stop apologising  for everything – including when someone bumps into us and we say sorry for it (sadly, I’m guilty)! Let me know your #BecauseICan moments by using the hashtag and tagging @dietcokegb. And don’t forget… That cereal bar is really calling your name (oh yeah, and the holiday too)!

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Diet Coke.

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  1. May 4, 2018 / 5:28 pm

    I love “Never be Embarrassed Getting your Killer Instagram Shot.” Seriously, I need to work on that! haha

    Love this post!

    • lydiatomlinson
      May 8, 2018 / 12:25 pm

      Hahah thank you babe! And yes, always do it for the gram !! xxxxx

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