Mastering the Art of a Winter Mini-Break

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Let’s start at the very beginning: your luggage. OH no wait, we’ve got to book the mini-break first. Where are we going? Aboard or at home? Ideally skiing in the Swiss alps but somewhere picturesque in Cumbria might have to suffice… Either way we need to make it as glamorous as feasibly possible because what’s the point of going on holiday otherwise? Holidays, as with everything else in our lives, should be there just for show. Let’s face it, it doesn’t really matter if we’ve had a good time or not! As long as Insta sees us having fun, that’s fine.

So yes, back to luggage! You want something that says: ‘is a frequent traveller but also invests in good quality’, i.e. a tatty suitcase is just a no-go. Something medium sized* should be quite apt, because we need enough room for options. Preferably something with a hard outer shell so you’re giving off those ‘Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl at the airport’ vibes.

*you don’t want to go on a mini-break with a XL suitcase because 1) you look high-maintenance (and what a ridiculous notion that would be!!!) and 2) you look like an infrequent traveller who doesn’t know how to pack accordingly.

Things you will need to pack for a winter mini-break:

  • Skincare that will look photo-worthy on a bathroom display unit.
  • A £2100 Acne leather jacket (warmth is essential!).
  • Several versions of cream knitwear because you never know when you’re going to want a v-neck, a roll neck or a cable knit. We’ve all been there.
  • A Henry London watch (or three) to flash around… Everyone needs the right accessories to match their winter mini-break outfits.
  • Jeans that are a size bigger than you normally wear. There needs to be room to fill up on croissants and afternoon sweet treats.
  • A winter-break-ready boyfriend who also so happens to own hard outer shell luggage to match yours.
  • Ski boots. Even if you’re not skiing you’ll want to channel après-ski chic for your winter mini-break.
  • Oversized sunnies. For the glamour. It’s doubtful you’ll get any sun (especially if you’re mini-breaking in the Yorkshire dales…).

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Now that your luggage is sussed you’ll need to think about your deportment. The idea of a holiday is supposedly to relax, so you need to make sure you do your best impression of a relaxed person. For this you’ll need some Lululemon thermals, and maybe some Olivia Von Halle pyjamas too for some extra glamour. So that’s basically your go-to relaxation look but what about the accessories?

You should think about investing in an expensive camera (who cares which one, the higher the price tag the better) with multiple lenses to give you the air of professionalism. Even if you’ve never taken a photograph in your life, a good camera around your neck is essential to look cultured and intelligent on your winter travels. It can rest in the centre of your table during all meal times. You can even pick it up to pretend you’re looking through your photos.

Finally you’ll need some sustenance to get you through winter mini-break activities, such as hiking through the countryside and carrying your bags from the car to the hotel. Truffles and nuts are a great source source of protein; make sure you are fully stocked before setting out on your adventures!

Well there you go, I think we’ve just about covered all the mandatory requirements for a winter mini-break. Now, shall I go for champagne truffles or dark chocolate…?

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Henry London.

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