Mastering the Art of Timing

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There are a few things in life that every well-bred girl ought to know about timing. With a Henry London watch around your wrist, you will always know the perfect time to strike. From dodging awkward small-talk at parties to keeping your date waiting,  this watch is the perfect timepiece. In blogger-worthy shades of rose gold and grey, the Henry London Finchley watch is the ideal companion for every girl on the go…

Waiting in the Queue

We all know the drill. Foot-tapping, shuffling from side to side, shared glances of aggravation with fellow queuers. Mastering the Art of Queuing should be a blog title in itself for we Brits (although we’re all so good at it that we probably don’t need a guide). Besides the aforementioned waiting rituals we go through in the queues (Zara, I’m looking at you!), a sure-fire way of getting to the front of the queue faster is checking your watch. Sales assistants will take you far more seriously if you’ve got a chic watch on your wrist, hopefully hurrying them along into serving you.

As you enter ruthless world of queuing, always check your watch to record times. Anything over ten minutes (during non-sale times only) then I’d say it’s safe to take your foot-tapping and loud sighing to the manager.

pink and grey outfit

pink and grey outfit

Eggstrodinary Timing!

If you’ve not realised yet, the three minute myth is precisely that; a false belief. To cater for yours, or guests’ needs whilst also appearing completely unflappable, it is essential to get the timing of your breakfast just right. The Finchley watch (a far chicer and less obvious way of checking yourself than your phone timer), should be easily visible on your wrist to ensure minimal fluster. Aim for the five minute mark when boiling your eggs, ensuring for perfectly fluffy eggs to impress both yourself and your companions!

Bon Appétit!

Fashionably Late

The term ‘fashionably late’, employed by all women who want to justify their lack of punctuality, is so much of an unwritten rule now that we may as well take advantage of those extra minutes to get dressed. But indeed, the question to ask is, where lies the cut-off between being ‘fashionably late’ and just rude?

My definition of fashionably late is to ‘make an understated entrance’, i.e. not too late that you may as well be wearing a Bridget Jones bunny costume because you’re that attention-seeking, but not too early that you’re forced to make awkward small-talk with people you don’t know.

A large party where lots of guests are involved allows you to be half an hour late (maximum – you don’t want to spoil the host’s evening). For smaller gatherings you should operate at about fifteen to twenty minutes past what it says on the invitation, allocating time for the party to get going before you arrive. Intimate gatherings such as dinner parties, or drinks with a few friends, means punctuality is pretty much requisite. 5 to 10 minutes of fashionable lateness is accepted, as long as you’re sporting an outfit that has been worth the wait.

Henry London Watches

Keep Your Date Waiting

Although it’s good to keep an admirer waiting, you definitely don’t want them to think you’re disorganised, or even worse, high-maintenance *gasp* (even if you are, they certainly don’t need to know that yet!). While there’s nothing worse than someone who can’t keep to time, you also need to make sure your date is kept waiting long enough for him to yearn for your charming company, and make him worry that you may never get there.

Leaving them guessing long enough will have them in such a stir when you make your appearance that you’ll have them at ‘hello’. Give it 10 minutes at the most, but certainly more than five. Much less than 10 and you won’t have given them long enough to start to feel concern, any later and it’s rude. Accompanied by your Henry London watch, this timepiece not only stops you from checking your phone for time (and consequently opening his WhatsApp message), but also allows you to execute your arrival without fault (even if you’re killing the minutes by reapplying your lipstick in the loos for the fifth time).

And even if the timings of your life are already in place, then you can always use the watch as a mark of your busy lifestyle. Any girl with this accessory on their wrist will always look like they’ve got places to go and people to see!

Shop this Henry London Finchley watch here, and add personalised engravings for an extra £10.

pink and grey outfit

pink and grey outfit

What I’m Wearing

Watch | Henry London Finchley Watch

Jumper | M&S (linked below, wearing size Small)

Trousers | Mango (sale, similar linked below)

Trainers | Pull and Bear (similar linked below)

Coat | H&M (similar linked below)

Hat | Zara (similar linked below)

Bag | Gucci (similar linked below)

Sunglasses | Céline (linked below)

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Henry London. 


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