Mastering the Art of Sunday Blues

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S U N D A Z E : frolicking around breakfast spots, strolling in parks with your model bf (he wears caj Belstaff quilted jacket, you wear Common Projects low-tops), ending up gorging on a selection of sweet treats yet still looking wafer thin (you may, perhaps, even be eating wafers embedded in some sort of ice-cream feast). YA RIGHT! While this little scene of idyll may be achievable for the 3% of the world’s population (*all statistics on The Millennial Girl’s Guide cannot be held accountable for), the rest of us usually end up frittering the day away flicking between Instagram and the Kardashians until it reaches 8pm and you may have a little cry. Yes, it’s the Sunday blues, and with it comes a whole heap of feelings of which this guide will help you master…


With every Sunday comes the inevitable battle of food vs. (wo)man. While it all starts of hunky dory because it’s Sunday so ofc you can eat whatever the hell you like, things start to go pear shaped around 3pm… Sunday being the day of rest, also suggests a rest from the constant diet you’re on. You can eat carbs, sweets, that pumpkin spiced latte you’ve been craving since September. Jolly, jolly, jolly! So 3pm hits. You’re so stuffed you barely have the power to turn the next page of Vogue and you’ve made a blanket of chocolate wrappers for yourself. *Sigh*, you’ve let yourself down. So how to combat this feeling? While some would suggest limiting yourself to one or two treats on a Sunday, I deduce this to being boring and a waste of a good Sunday. When it reaches 3pm and you’re debating between starting your diet now or tomorrow, I always say tomorrow. Go forth and find that other box of Dairy Milk, because once you start you may as well keep pushing on…


If you exercise on a Sunday then I politely ask you to leave this page. P.S. Exercise will not help you Master the Art of Sunday Blues.

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Inevitably, as the wick on your cinnamon infused candle burns out and the taste of Monday is just around the corner, you will feel somewhat sad, confused and mildly depressed at things you didn’t even know you were sad, confused and mildly depressed about. Things will surface, perhaps about your job/family/the cardigan from H&M you didn’t buy earlier, and leave you feeling in a suppressed state. To take action about this feeling I suggest: A) Going on the H&M website and seeing if the cardigan is stocked online. B) Resort back to eating because that will make you feel temporarily better and Sundays are all about temporary fixes.


From H&M cardigans leads us nicely onto wardrobe matters. At some point on a Sunday (probably after seeing three-hundred-and-sixty-seven girls on Instagram looking like they fell of a runway and into some cool NYC outdoors café) you’ll feel at a loss with your sartorial situation. You may even want to burn your clothes. Alternatively, to subside such strong emotions you can sell your items on Depop (other such selling websites do exist). Once you’ve rid yourself of all the items you hate (make sure you leave yourself enough clothes to last you until Wednesday when your online orders arrive) then you should online shop until you’ve spent approx. half of your monthly wage. You may be poor, but nothing will equate to the sensational feeling you get when you see the words, ‘Thank you for your order. You will soon receive an update of your tracking details’.

And there you have it! Some simple steps to Mastering the Art of Sunday Blues. Nothing pro-active or too strenuous to cause any more unwanted Sunday anxiety, whilst also satisfying your penchant for binge eating and shopping! Enjoy xoxo. 

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