Mastering the Art of Justification

fur coat

If there’s one area I’m skilfully talented in, it’s the art of justification (yes, it’s an art form and it’s about the only one I’m good at, so don’t question it). A get-out-clause for any guilty pleasure or indulgence, excuses and justifications make up the platform of my wardrobe, social life and diet. ‘Oh my cat died’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. In fact, you may just jinx yourself for being so dismissive of your pets, RIP poor Felix. So if that’s your go-to excuse, then pay close attention to this post –  you’ll be blagging your way to your dream lifestyle in no time!

Used Excuses/Justifications that work, include:

‘one designer handbag that happens to be on SALE means I’ll never have to buy another again’ (WARNING: only valid until you buy your next bag)

‘I’m going out tonight because I need some new Instagram pics’ (can just about get away with this one but you’re really scraping the barrel)
fur coat ‘I’ll buy these boots that I’ll probably only wear once, but because they’ve had such a big price reduction how can anyone say no?!’

‘If I eat this chocolate (bar) now, it won’t be there for when my diet starts tomorrow’

‘I can buy more clothes because I’ve just returned some – I wouldn’t have had that money anyway!’

‘I need to buy clothes for the blog, it’s going to benefit my future’ (N.B. this actually only works if you’re a blogger, don’t try it if you’re not) 

cost-per-wear: every fashion lovers’ favourite saying, because it means we can justify spending a small fortune on the tiniest scrap of imported leather without feeling guilty






Used Excuses/Justifications that don’t work, include:

‘I can’t possibly put weight on overnight, so I’ll just eat this XL packet of crisps’

one of my most recent… ‘it’s Wednesday, we’ve got over the worst of the week… of course we can celebrate with champagne!’ (I personally think this should work, week days are bad enough without being stopped from drinking champers)

To boyfriend: ‘My phone’s out of battery and I needed to message my mum off yours…’ (doesn’t work because: A. when is your phone ever out of battery? – totally not believable – and B. your mum doesn’t use Whatsapp but you somehow ended up on his anyway….) 

‘I once read a survey that said people who shop more are happier’

‘A MacBook is really going to enhance my essay writing!’


fur coat

fur coat

What I’m Wearing

Jumper | Mango

Faux Fur Jacket | Zara (similar here)

Hat | Topshop, on sale in stores (similar here)

Jeans | Zara (similar here)

Shoes | River Island (similar on sale here)


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  1. Naomi Jones
    January 14, 2017 / 3:30 pm

    ‘To boyfriend’
    Omg I knew you wouldn’t be single for long you’re so beautiful ❤❤

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