Mastering the Art of Insta Stories

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Let’s face it, the world of Instagram should come with its own rule book, and that’s before delving in to the minefield that is Insta Stories… When, what, where, how to post?! It’s practically a job in itself! Luckily tips and tricks of this social media newbie are broken down for you here… Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

New Features: When to Panic

The palpitations that surface when Instagram posts a story with a big ‘NEW’ alert flashing in the corner of your eye as you scroll down your feed… NO! Not more additions! I can’t take another feature, another way of messaging, another weight to top my the ever-increasing social media burdens…

*NEW STICKER ALERT*, it will announce. PHEW. What a relief. New stickers are the easiest and least stressful alert that Instagram can announce. Rejoice in this. In fact, fill your next post with stickers (cats singing, funky sunglasses, mugs with their own expressions – you name it!), celebrating that Insta hasn’t bombarded us with more life-altering features to deal with!

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Snapchat Crossover

In a world where no picture goes unfiltered, it’s practically mandatory that your story follows suit… I mean, who wants to see the real you anyway?! What even is real anymore?

And so, as I clog up Instagram with Stories of my nights out, it goes a little like this: 

*gets ready to do Insta Story*

‘NO, I need a Snapchat filter instead!!!’ 

*closes Insta Stories*

*takes 10 mins to get Snapchat filter onto face due to dark, club lighting*

*song I want to have a Story of has now finished*

*worth it for the Snapchat filter*

Basically, what I’m saying is that sometimes you just need a Snapchat filter before you transfer it to Insta. My preference on a night out is what has now been dubbed ‘the pretty filter’, with flash, of course. And until Insta decide to get filters that distort your face to make us look more presentable, we’re just going to have to deal with the faff of transferring Snaps to Insta… (Does anyone else feel like I’m talking gibberish?)


Let me tell you a precious nugget of information: lighting is key. Okay, so you already knew that, but let me hammer it home. The down side to ‘selfie’ mode in Insta stories is that it focuses on the most prominent parts of your face i.e. emphasising your nose (yeah trust me, you don’t really look like that! No, honestly you don’t!). That’s what I tell myself anyway.

Little tip. Always stand facing the window, or the light, never behind it. Also, try the flash. Even in daylight. It’s the little things that help the most…


Requiring artistic skills that you’ve never used beyond GCSE, Insta Stories comes complete with highlighters, pens and what seems to be a gel pen in an assortment of colours – how exciting! Trends come and go with Insta Story illustrations, but it seems that double layering your writing is the style du jour. Make the text on your story look 3D by writing the same thing out twice in different colours, then layering them almost on top of each other. Et voilà! I’m sure you can sacrifice the extra time to do this for a perfect story – you’re sure to be the envy of your followers.


When is it appropriate to do a Boomerang? If you’re showing your OOTD for the funeral of a long-lost uncle, I advise that a Boomerang is not, perhaps, appropriate. A mirror selfie will totally suffice (not smiling though, naturally).

In other situations, Boomerangs are best when capturing people – no one wants to see your salad repeatedly sat doing nothing. Full body Boomerangs doing something fun are definitely what your audience wants to see…

And so we have it! A Master Class in Insta Stories… Before you know it, you’ll have the skills to set the story trend – the sign of a true #millennialgirl

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