Mastering the Art of Gifting this Christmas


cosy winter outfit

Mastering the Art of Gifting this Christmas in Collaboration with Accessorize

Each year, amongst the festive fun and sprinkles of tinsel (actually, does anyone still use tinsel…?), comes what I like to call the inevitable ‘Gifting Meltdown’, otherwise known as ‘GM’. Ah, the onslaught of questions from relatives and friends asking ‘but just what DO you want?!’ will arise without fail, whilst you too go into panic mode about what on EARTH to get your best friend who is far too polite to write you her wishlist.

Amongst Yuletide folly, debates over your preferred Michael (George or Bublé), and mass consumption of mince pies, GM will strike and you’ll end up telling your grandma you will accept an absurd board-game she’s suggested she get you, and you’ll buy your friend another mug when she doesn’t even drink tea…

Until now.

Accessorize have spoilt us this year with wintery warmers, sparkling festive jewellery and most importantly, a beautiful selection of gifts to treat your loved ones to (okay, and maybe yourself)! So below are a few little ideas to avoid that dreaded Gifting Meltdown and my inspiration for present buying this Christmas!

cosy winter outfit

My Hero Products…

Okay, I think we all know by now how partial I am to a splash (*cough* abundance *cough*) of neutrals, and my accessories are no exception. Rather than saying I would like the usual ‘oh anything!’ as a gift, this year I’m putting more thought into what I would like to receive. Something I can wear time and time again, and am able to style in different ways is the ideal gift for me! Gold jewellery that I can layer up, classic coloured scarves and leather gloves are items I know I’ll wear long past the festive season.

accessorize bag

cosy winter outfit

Coming from a perpetually freezing person (yep, I’m one of those people who will put their hands against your face to demonstrate the chill) my preferred gift is always something to keep the cold at bay. Snuggling into a cosy, oversized scarf on a winter’s day is for me one of life’s little luxuries. But no perfect winter outfit can be complete without a pair of leather gloves! I’m a self-confessed leather glove lover and have been for years now. My style is centred around smart but wearable pieces, which is an aesthetic I carry through to my accessories!

It’s always worth putting thought into what you would like to be gifted and save family and friends time and money wondering if they got the right thing! What are your hero products? What accessories do you wear or use the most?

grey beret

all grey look

grey beret

The Gift Edit

Bypass the much feared GM and take a leaf out of the gift edit I put together for my best friend.

When it comes to gift buying for friends, it’s always useful to consider their lifestyle. My best friend is often away, on mini breaks, weekends in London or just staying with other friends, so I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than a makeup bag and zipped pouches for loose change or to keep bits of jewellery safe whilst travelling around! We also have the same taste in clothing, which is why I thought the little bag I’m wearing would make a perfect gift for her too. I always think a cross body is so much easier when you’re lugging around a suitcase too!

accessorize gifts

Because she’s always on the go means she isn’t likely to carry heavy notepads or journals around, but I know she was recently longing for some little notepads to jot things down with whilst on the train! I chose these slim but functional notepads that she can easily take with her on her travels without weighing down her bags (I know, I’m such a considerate friend!!). For a little bit of something extra I added a fun Christmas decoration, et voilà, I definitely mastered the gift buying  this year!

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Accessorize. All products are linked below.

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