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There’s never been a moment in life when I realised I love fashion. It has always just been an innate part of my personality that I’ve never questioned, wondered, or even doubted. From sitting at the table, aged seven, and drawing my own outfit designs, to watching countless repeats of The Devil Wears Prada, I’m drawn to fashion like a moth to a flame, like a magpie to silver. Growing up I was convinced that I’d get a job at a glamorous magazine, that I’d work in New York à la Carrie Bradshaw, that I’d write a deluge of fashion books, but as life gets in the way, I’ve found that I often lose those ambitions and with it, lose myself. Going to uni and having a job means that my in between times are often spent dosing in front of a youtube channel or aimlessly online shopping, with no energy to realise my dreams.


Having just celebrated my 21st birthday (and experiencing major post-birthday blues!), I’ve decided that it’s time to change and break the rut. It’s time to remember who I was before uni, work and general exhaustion got in the way. My best friend and I were talking the other day, and she said that fashion was my passion. Is it? I’ve never quite thought of it as a passion before, but contemplating her words, I remembered that fashion has always been ‘me’: my life, as pathetic as this will be to some people, would be lost without it.


Writing, like fashion, has always come just as innately. I take great pleasure in crafting words, in unravelling my thoughts down on a page. I can’t count the amount of ‘books’ I used to try and write as a child, always coming up with a new harebrained scheme with my other close friend. As much as writing is a great reliever, it is also something I find myself needing to do. So after deliberating for a long time, I decided that a blog would be the best way to express myself; to put all those thoughts and culminate it with my own personal style. But as soon as I started, my passion quickly got lost in amongst the extra stress of it all, and I found myself regretting even starting a blog. What was my aim? Was it rubbish? Who cared? Was anyone going to read it? A series of questions that I’ve now realised simply don’t matter. So what if no one cares? I do! So now, at the beginning of my 21st year, I’m going to take a fresh new step in, paradoxically, finding my old self. I’m going to flick through the beautiful fashion books I’ve collected over the years, I’m going to read more magazine articles, and write more of what I want to write about. I guess the moral of the story is one to anyone who feels weighed down by duties; never lose sight of what is dear to you, but if you do, always take the time to find yourself again…


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| Saint Laurent Cardholder |

| Gucci Belt |

| Gucci Watch  |

| Urban Outfitters Journal |


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