Lessons Learnt From My Mother

mother and daughter style

Happy Mother’s Day!

From manners to makeup, kindness to clothes, like all mums, mine has taught me everything in life. But of course, in true lydiatomlinson.co.uk style, I’ve selected the 10 most useful lessons to share with you below…

  1. Makeup is mandatory. You never know, the delivery man might be the next David Gandy.
  2. It’s quite acceptable to be wearing Primark trousers with a Prada bag (but don’t get it the wrong way round and pair a Primark bag with Prada trousers. It’s all in the accessories).
  3. Never stand up for yourself. Keeping quiet is the best policy. Arguments are likely to blow over anyway…
  4. Read all of the Classics. From Wilde to Woolf, a good quotation will get you through many a social situation.
  5. In the words of Peter Kay, never have the ‘big light’ on (with the exception of a Rocco Borghese chandelier, that is). Table lamps create ambiance and more importantly, a soft glow to the skin – the equivalent of the best Snapchat filter.
  6. Always have chocolate in the house. Well, that one doesn’t need explaining…
  7. It takes about four minutes to boil an egg (this was the first culinary lesson I learnt from my mum. Half a dozen eggs and a phone call to her at work later, I’d cracked it).
  8. Don’t dismiss potential a boyfriend on his lack of fashion sense. If he’s got the looks and personality then the rest can be worked on…
  9. Forget hobbies. Dabbling in a bit of everything will make you much more of an all-rounder.
  10. Watch the news daily. Then you can get away with watching trash TV the rest of the evening.

Oh, and most of all, she’s taught me to always have a sense of humour… but I guess you have figured that out by now?

mother and daughter style

mother and daughter style

*All above content has been approved by my mother. She also sanctions you to carry out these rules into your every day life*

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