How to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

grey coat

paper bag trousers

Okay so I guess the title of this post has a double meaning. Nope, I’m not trying to catch you out, but rather guide you towards a healthier, happier wardrobe both literally and figuratively. Refresh your wardrobe with a few fashion updates, as well as by using Verve clothing care products to make sure you’re skipping into Spring!

The Wardrobe

Now that Spring is approaching (I’m pretty sure we can deem early March as Spring), it’s time for us to talk fashion. You know I’m not here to guide you through all the trends, but it never hurts to share a few tips that I’ve learnt from my religious, yeah really, fashion following…

Spring Wardrobe Tips:

  1. crisp whites and creams will always inject freshness into your looks. Avoid coloured food at all costs. In fact, avoid food/drink in general… because you never know. We must all suffer for fashion, darlings.
  2. paper bag trousers are the dream. Hiding a multitude of sins (i.e. that Christmas weight gain that you’ve ‘forgotten’ to shed…), these trousers have the added bonus of looking super chic.
  3. small heeled boots; because A) it’s still not warm enough to brave the ballet flats, and B) anything taller than this heel will result in being bed-bound for a week.
  4. sunglasses. Come rain or shine. Seriously. Pretend it’s the new season in a deluge of hailstone by whipping your sunglasses out and declaring how lovely the spring showers are!
  5. hats. Have a hat handy, because if we’re being honest, spring doesn’t really start until June in England…


verve care


The Kit

As you know, I like to invest in neutral items (no surprises there!) that I know I’ll be able to wear on repeat throughout the season. But with repeated wear, comes repeated washes and it doesn’t take too long before I start to see the visible effects of the dreaded washing cycle.


But not to worry! The Verve Anti-Ageing Kit is here to put all of our clothing problems to rest. Follow their simple steps to cleanse, condition, protect and refresh (a bit like my nighttime beauty regime!) to restore your clothes back to life.

Besides that incredibly fresh smell that only the best of laundry products can provide – I hope it’s not just me who likes to spend a good few minutes smelling fresh washing… – the Verve products, as used at London Fashion Week, keep your clothes looking newer for longer.



Et voilà, spring time freshness achieved! 

oversized coat

neutral outfit

zara trousers

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Verve. 

 What I’m Wearing

Links will be provided for all items still for sale. If the item is not available, I will have linked similar alternatives.

Coat | H&M, similar below

Blouse | Zara, similar below

Trousers | Zara, similar below

Boots | Zara, here

Hat | Zara, similar below

Sunglasses | Céline, linked below


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