How to Treat Yourself This Winter

How to Treat Yourself This Winter

Okay, all typical Millennial Girl jokes aside, January is a pretty miserable month… Like we needed reminding! As well as the extra five pounds you’ve gained over Christmas, there’s the constant reminder from Instagram that you aren’t gliding down the slopes of Chamonix or prancing around Phuket in your Revolve bikini (cheers, Negin Mirsalehi, for that one). While we may get lost in the dreamland that is Instagram for five minutes of our busy lives, it’s one big crash back down to earth when you realise your break time at work is over and it’s time to go back to the fluro lighting of the office *sigh*. But enough reminders of that!

In the bleak beginnings of January, the intu Trafford Centre team got in touch with me to see if I wanted to get on board their #LiveHappy campaign; basically, a reminder to us all to treat and look after ourselves during the winter months! It’s far too easy to get caught up in the monotony of the season and get trapped in cycle of complaining, so I thought this was the perfect reminder that we should actively seek positivity and help ourselves out a bit. So with this in mind, I sought out a few experiences in the centre that I thought would give me a little January boost! Hopefully it will give you a little push to spoil yourself at intu Trafford Centre too…

Bill’s Breakfast

bill's breakfast

intu trafford centre

I’m unashamed to admit that my life pretty much revolves around food… I mean, whose doesn’t?! So it’s no surprise that my treat day was kicked off with a Bill’s breakfast (*insert all appropriate emojis of eggs, coffee etc!*). If you haven’t visited Bill’s before, their relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make for the perfect pre-shopping breakfast spot. Serving everything from pancakes to porridge, I went for their Eggs Benedict followed by the Toasted Brioche Basket to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Personal Shopping

topshop personal shopping

After waiting for the three slices of brioche to settle down (oh the pitfalls of having a healthy *cough* appetite!), I went for my appointment at Topshop’s Personal Shopping suite, situated just next to the staircase on the men’s floor of the store. What I didn’t realise before is that their services are completely complimentary, meaning you can get a luxury shopping experience whilst still only paying for what you buy – just like you would when shopping normally! It’s a bit of a hidden gem that everyone should take advantage of!

topshop personal shopping

I was helped by the lovely @sarah.jayney who gathered my sizes and requirements before the appointment (you can let them know this when you call or book online!), so she tailored some looks around my personal preferences, which was daytime looks – anything knitwear/blazer/denim orientated! In the end I chose the snuggliest cream biker-meets-teddy coat (linked below) which I think will be the perfect transition piece for when it’s still chilly going into early Spring. I also went for some huge oversized silver earrings to dress up chunky knits or to style with slicked back hair and red lips for a night-out.

Besides the incredible lighting and Insta-worthy decor (yeah, it’s a blogger’s dream in there!) the Personal Shopping area is complete with huge changing rooms where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea and chocolates whilst trying on your outfits. It’s the perfect premium shopping experience without feeling intimidated and pressured!

topshop personal shopping

Oh You Pretty Thing Champagne Bar

oh you pretty thing

Located right in the middle of the upper Orient, grab yourself a skinny Prosecco at Oh You Pretty Thing Bar, whilst watching your fellow shoppers and diners go by (my favourite hobby!). If you’re on a bit of a health-kick but still fancy a little treat, the bar offers slightly healthier cocktails, telling you how many calories are in each drink. But if instead you’re like us and are having a day off from calorie-counting, then their creamy vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are the perfect pick-me-up after a long day shopping (yes, we all know how draining shopping can be!).

One thing I always forget to do when rushing around trying on clothes and diving from shop to shop is to take a moment to enjoy the experience. Stopping for a cocktail and making the most of your day puts you in a better mindset, and rather than arriving home feeling hassled and tired, you feel like you’ve enjoyed a fabulous day out!

This post is in sponsored collaboration with intu Trafford Centre.

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