How to Rule the World

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Step aside Queen Elizabeth, Theresa May, Donald Trump… there’s a new ruler in town! Wait, what? Who? Why you, of course. Us girls rule the world, don’t you know? Anything is possible, as they say, when you put your mind to it. But we may need a few helpful hints and reminders along the way…

Tip #1

A motivational phrase does wonders for when one is trying to rule the world (trust me, my Pinterest board is full of them) and when they’re attached to your wrist, they work even better (trust me, I’ve tried this too). No, I don’t mean getting a permanent marker and turning yourself into a walking quotes board, but instead wearing them as an engraving on your Henry London watch.

A comforting reminder that you’re on your way to success in times of peril, a positive or motivational quote close by will always push you to KEEP GOING. We all know the world can get the better of us: the days when your makeup isn’t selfie-ready, when Starbucks gets the name wrong on your cup, a lack of wifi in a restaurant… Okay, maybe there are some real struggles in there too, which is why on the days you feel like giving up, you only need to flip your watch over to get you back to positive thinking.

Henry London’s engraving service allows you to inscribe personalised messages onto the back of your watch, messages that will of course, help you to rule the world. For an extra £10 you can create phrases that will remind you, or your loved ones, to achieve achieve achieve!

(Oh, and did I mention that getting your name engraved makes you feel kinda important… another tick-box of how to rule the world checked!)

Tip #2

Remember, ladies, time is always of the essence and it’s vital to have your Henry London watch on you at all times. Repeat, all times. Every female ruler knows that she must cut corners and compromise in order to maximise her time and efficiency, so here’s a few ideas of things that we can all cut back on…

  • Time choosing an Instagram filter. We all know that the first one always wins, don’t waste your energy choosing between Juno and Valencia.
  • Time on social media looking at the profile of a girl’s best-friend’s sister who was in the same restaurant as you last weekend.
  • Time ‘letting your tea brew’ when you’re actually just procrastinating.
  • Time waiting for a song (or 3) to finish on the radio before you go into the gym.
  • Time spent in Zara (possibly the easiest, we could all do this, right?)

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engraved watch

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