How to be Basic in October



Ah! October! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, your autumn wardrobe is making an appearance (*make note all aforementioned autumn-appropriate vocab down for repetitive use throughout season). It’s time to grab all the clichés and run. Who said basic was boring? 

First thing’s first: confess your love for the time of year. It’s your FAVE time! FAVE!!! Like, the leaves and the pumpkin Starbucks and stuff… FAVE! You might even want to make an Instagram post about this. Maybe an autumnal quote or a picture of your wellies in some leaves. It’s your FAVE time of year!! FAVE!

Develop a strong affiliation with berry lip stain. Watch Youtube tutorials on how to apply said berry lip. Discuss berry lip at length with your friends on Whatsapp. Consult them on their favourite lip stain.

Spend every night from now until 31st October practising your Halloween makeup until your skin is so raw from scrubbing face paint off that you’re forced to wear a mask.

Discuss the importance of cosiness like it’s a new aesthetic movement. You’ll need to buy some new essentials to formulate the essence of cosiness. Blankets are fundamental to cosiness. As is new crockery. When I shout hygge you shout cosy!!! Hygge! Cosy! Hygge! Cosy!!! (N.B. Make mandatory new purchase of bootie slippers).

Instagram a picture of your roast dinner on a Sunday. Professing your love of Sundays. And roast dinners. And cosiness. Did I mention cosiness? Make sure you’re wearing knitwear on a Sunday too…

OH! Knitwear! What’s a jumper?! It’s all about knits. Statement knits. Non-statement knits (no difference). Basic knits. Investment knits (over-priced cardis). Knitwear is a central part of the October dialogue. Must be mentioned at least once a day. COSY!

Speaking of wardrobe, you must cavort around wearing exceptionally large scarf. Proportionally, you should be able to see only 15% of your body, therefore executing a successfully unbalanced scarf to body ratio.

Watch Hugh Grant. Any late nineties/early noughties film should be on repeat (Hugh Grant features in them all). Do this with your scarf, knitwear, new crockery, berry lip and blanket #autumnvibes.*

*If all of the clichés make your stomach churn, I advise staying indoors for the season (blanket and Hugh Grant still advisable).



What I’m Wearing

Coat | New Look, similar linked below

Trousers | Zara, here

Shoes | H&M, here (sold out online, similar linked below)

Jumper | Zara, here

Sunglasses | Céline, similar linked below



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