How to Holiday like a Millennial

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Life as a Millennial can be a tough one. The constant internal worry about a potential lack of wifi wherever we go, and the strain of always having too much work to do (gah! So much stress for our generation!) can leave one feeling rather spent. It is no wonder, then, that when the temperatures rise and the summer months land at our feet, we’re all professing our need for a pina colada by the pool. However, as we know, in between scouring the Daily Mail Online (we all do it, let’s not pretend) and updating our Twitter status, there’s not much time for much the dreaded holiday prep. Alas, do not fear because here on The Millennial Girl’s Guide are just the right tips and tricks to make your time on holiday that little bit easier…

Finding your Accommodation

From proven tests conducted on millennial guinea pigs, we are a generation of laziness (which is funny because social media shows otherwise… How many people’s revision notes have you seen over the years?! *Sigh!*). But what does this mean when it comes to holidaying? Well, besides the obvious need for having apps that help assemble every possible vacation desire, we must be savvy when it comes to booking our accommodation!

Make sure you find yourself a place to stay where the pool is max. (repeat, max.) ten metres from the door you’re exiting. For hotels, this is perhaps easier – although it is preferable that you stay on one of the lower floors in order to maintain a small pool to room ratio. Why is this a fundamental detail, I hear you ask?

  1. If you urgently need wifi to post a Boomerang of you with a cocktail, you can do so with maximum efficiency.
  2. A long walk to the pool is often too strenuous for millennials (possible side effects can include being too fatigued to contour properly before dinner or to make the choice between sandals or loafers. Disaster.).
  3. It will make the walk with your inflatable unicorn lilo far less troublesome.

Getting Around

Okay, so you may not need a hire car for your stay on holiday, however, it is worth considering for the wifi that you can buy alongside said rental. If you’re at a holiday resort, chances are you won’t need to waste wifi on unimportant things like the SatNav, but can instead catchup on all your WhatsApp groups and Insta posts wherever you are. Think about it, the hassle you can save not having to find a restaurant whose wifi works, or the countless times you desperately want to post a Snapchat but your data isn’t connecting abroad. All these problems can be solved simply by hiring a car with portable wifi! What else are cars meant for? You can thank me later.

Social Media Etiquette

No one will believe you’ve gone on holiday if you don’t create regular social media updates to fill everyone in on your destination. In fact, you may as well not have been anywhere! So below is a list of essential posts that you must litter your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds with:

  • An Insta Story at the airport. This could include an aloof shot of you sat with your luggage, a Boomerang of the airport lounge or a picture of an aeroplane from the window (for extra authenticity and believability).
  • As an additional piece of advice for an airport selfie, it is actually – contrary to popular belief – unwise to smile. You want people to think you’re a seasoned traveller and that this isn’t a holiday you’ve been pining over for twelve months. A smile would give the game away.
  • A picture of your drink by the pool is mandatory. Captions should read with the words; ‘much needed’, ‘holiday vibes’, ‘cocktails in the sun’ (only to be posted if cocktail is present in picture!).
  • If you go out, make sure you take all your snaps when you first arrive at the destination. That way your boyfriend/friends/family will still be in good enough spirits to not want to push you in the sea for requesting ‘oooh, another one but from this angle!’.
  • More holiday jargon to include in Tweets, Instas, Facebook updates, and Snapchat include:
    • ‘living the dream’
    • ‘tough life’
    • ‘travel attire’
    • ‘holiday essentials’
    • ‘never want to leave’
    • ‘slice of heaven’ …

…Blah blah blah… Enough with the nonsense, I think it’s just time to go on holiday now, right?

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green striped dress

green striped dress

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