High-End Wish List

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I’m not a believer in purchasing high-end clothing. Not to say that I never would, or even that it’s wrong, but I think we can look just as stylish with something we’ve picked up at a charity shop than something straight off the Cavali catwalk (Paris Hilton, I’m looking at you!). Yes, you can reap the rewards of an investment coat or good quality shoes, but in terms of everyday fashion pieces, the high-street rocks it just as well. Aside from the bank-draining price tag that comes with luxury labels, I think that aesthetically Zara always nails it season after season for a percentage of the price!

All that being said, I highly value the addition of a few high-end pieces to luxe-up your wardrobe. As shallow as it may be, a designer accessory instantly creates a more expensive look (admitting it’s shallow makes it more acceptable, right?). There are plenty of tragic designer bags out there, but there are a few select items that completely alter a look! Shoes, bags, belts, leather accessories, watches and sunglasses are amongst my high-end wish list. Yes, these things are at prices most of us can’t afford, but there’s no harm in a little dreaming (and maybe even a little buying…)!

Chanel Ballerinas

CHANEL Patent leather ballerines

YSL Cardholder


Hermès Sandals


Prada Sunglasses


Gucci Loafers


Louis Vuitton Wallet

louis-vuitton-zippy-coin-purse-monogram-canvas-small-leather-goods--M60067_PM2_Front view

Hermès Birkin 



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