What Your Frequently Used Emojis Say About You



In millennial life, emojis can say more about us than our weekly online horoscope by Madame Voyeur. Which is why, here at The Millennial Girl’s Guide, there is a succinct and accurate break-down of what your top few emojis say about you. Tread with caution, as you would a horoscope, but that being said, this is emoji evidence based on real-life evaluation… 

The Dancing Lady Emoji (often found next to The Clinking Champagne Glasses) 

What it says about you:

You’re the life and soul of the party. Or, at least, you like to think you are. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic as there should be only two days of the week where this emoji is required (Friday and Saturday, of course). Your overuse of The Dancing Lady emoji could suggest you have deeper issues than just being an avid partier. Like, maybe you should reconsider what kind of friends you have… Are they really going to be there for you when you’ve got to use The Crying Face? Or will they only want you when flamenco woman is out in force…?

The Croissant Emoji 

What it says about you:

The Croissant is a cryptic emoji that can mean one of two things – deciphering which one you are should be down to personal knowledge about yourself. A) You are a keen but somewhat terrible dieter, who can be one day craving croissants and the next be struggling to get another one down. The yo-yo croissanteer, shall we say, will be the person who self-deprives or self-indulges. Either way, The Croissant will end up in your top 10 emojis whether it has been a binge or a purge of these flakey delights. B) You crave a Parisian lifestyle and The Croissant longingly sits aside The Artist Wearing the Beret emoji, the only reflection that you’re a secret Francophile. The Croissant is your only outlet to unleash your inner passion for the culture (besides that pic of you wearing your Breton tee outside La Tour Eiffel…). Croissants feature in your lifestyle, so why shouldn’t they translate to your virtual world too? Précisément!

The Four Leaf Clover Emoji

What it says about you:

You and your friends are at a bit of a cross-roads in life. Graduations, moving out, new jobs, travelling, buying a new handbag… These are all signs of a youthful uncertainties, suggesting that you’re at a time where big things are happening. If you find that you’re the one doing all the dishing out of The Four Leaf Clover emojis, and no one is sending them back to you, why not do something crazy. You know, you could do a sponsored sky dive or order Eggs Benedict rather than Eggs Royale at brunch. Do whatever it takes to get you leaping into the unknown and having your friends sending out The Four Leaf Clovers like they’re going out of fashion…


The Basket Ball Player Emoji

What it says about you:

Oh, now this is a real problem. Frequent use of this emoji would suggest you’re an avid sports player and/or fan. Sorry, there’s not much hope for you! NEXT.

The Hands in the Air Emoji

What it says about you:

The Hands in the Air emoji would imply that you’re one enthusiastic communicator. In real life, you’re likely to speak in clichés; ‘Oh you should reach for the stars. Honestly, all your dreams will come true if you just put your mind to it!’. Yep, you’re one of those who likes to raise people’s morale while getting on everyone’s nerves all at the same time. You’re into high-fives and team building activities (i.e. getting seven corporate high-flyers across a lake using only two twigs and a piece of string. But you thrive on it). Maybe tone down The Hands in the Air emoji when you’re texting someone who perpetually uses The Slanty Face… You’re bound to clash emoji-onally (get it?! Haha!).

The Covering Eyes Monkey Emoji

What it says about you:

You’re constantly telling a joke, receiving a joke, cringing or embarrassed. You may even wear a bow in your hair and only eat chocolate on a Sunday. Overuse of this emoji means you’re giggly and quite frankly a bit annoying. No, you shouldn’t use The Covering Eyes Monkey to gently criticise someone’s outfit and it’s not actually funny that you ‘almost bought those shoes!’ that you see on your fave blogger on Insta. Really, it would be more relevant to use The Croissant. chanel-ballet-flats

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