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Ah yes, when it comes to certain points of your day, timing is key. Get it wrong, and you could face drama, panic and maybe even tears *insert appropriate gasping sound effect*. Indeed, The Millennial Girl’s Guide understands that behind every stress-free, smiley-faced female that you see, is a Henry London timepiece that has her life ticking (yes, pun intended) over seamlessly. Below, read the times of day that you’ll need your watch to keep you on track for… 

All Important Bathroom Break

If you’re whiling away your time in an office, chances are your bathroom breaks become the foundation of your sanity. Throw the timings off, and you’ll find yourself somewhere between hell and a hard place. The bathroom is a place where you can check your phone, uninterrupted, or have that 30 second eye-rest you’ve been craving all morning (somehow, closing your eyes in front of your boss just isn’t the done thing!). With the school-like regime most offices like to employ, it’s likely that your phone will be out of bounds. Which is where your Henry London watches will take centre stage. Make sure your itinerary includes a morning and afternoon bathroom stop, slotted right between your start, lunch and home times!

Time for Tea

Is there anything more quintessentially British than sitting down in the afternoon with a cup of tea (and scone! But if we put that bit in brackets then there’s no need to count the calories…)? Besides the obvious excuse that tea is a great cause to have a rest, it’s also the perfect chance to indulge in dreamy crockery – because who doesn’t love a good teapot?! Afternoon tea times should be between 2.30 and 3.30pm. Don’t be late!

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Makeup Reapplication

Is there anything more shock-inducing than going carelessly about your day without looking in the mirror, only to discover that your concealer is looking cakey, you’ve got flakes of mascara down your face and you forgot to do your left eyebrow? The answer is no, there’s not. And if you’re smugly professing that you can think of worse things, then you’re either lying to yourself or you’ve got your priorities way wrong (The Millennial Girl’s Guide is a strong advocate of makeup, if you haven’t noticed…). Schedule in a good fifteen minute slot – usually mid-morning so you’ve got time to salvage the damage – to readjust your face. Between 11am to 11.30 is a good window. Use your Henry London watch to keep track.

Cocktail Hour

Apparently, this is an American wedding reception tradition, but we’re quite happy to borrow this one from the Yanks. Cocktail hour is a chance for people to socialise in the late afternoon hours, cocktail in hand (obvs). Making time for cocktail hour is something Saturdays could benefit from. A splash of gin in your tonic? Yes please! Between 4pm and 6, this is a tradition to get used to…

And if you feel these aren’t special and sacred times of the day (but who are we kidding, everyone loves a cocktail hour!), then maybe you could use your Henry London watch as an outfit accessory. Yep, that’s definitely something no one can argue with! 

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Henry London. 

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