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As millennials, our brain is an unfocused whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. It is a never-ending stream of unanswered questions; some you give more consideration to than others.

In an attempt to declutter our toxic brains and make more room for creative flow, here’s a list of ‘food for thought’: some questions that may be buzzing round your head, that you should take time to answer whilst you read. In turn allowing your mind to free itself from these pending queries that pop up whilst in an important meeting, or when you’re writing an essay. You may even want to ask Google to answer some of these questions, or bring them up in your group Whatsapp. Consequently, you’ll be able to give full focus to vital tasks without worrying about Louise Redknapp’s marriage. Namaste. 

Is the horror (ha, ‘scuse the pun) of dressing up for Halloween a good enough excuse to plan a mini-break that weekend?

Is Melania Trump using a body double? If so, does the body double have access to her wardrobe…?

Will Colleen and Wayne break up?

Will Kourtney and Scott get back together?

Should I change my Instagram theme colour to cool tones instead of warm?

How will the country ever manage to reduce homelessness rates?

Should I buy a checked blazer or are they too ‘done’ now? 

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lucinda king

If I invested in some more storage, are my clothes more likely to end up there than the floor?

Are designer cocktails OVER *gasp*? Is a simple white wine now the new Strawberry Daiquiri? 

Will anyone ever tire of a good coffee flat lay?

By the time I’ve scoffed three eggs and wholemeal bread before the gym, wouldn’t it have been as equally beneficial to just have had a salad and not bothered exercising? 

Who’s going to win Strictly this year?

Is it beneficial to worry about North Korea?

Are Louboutins worth the excruciating pain and price tag?

How much fake tan is too much fake tan?

And yep, you guessed it, what IS happening with Jamie and Louise’s marriage?!

grey and pink fur scarf

coffee n clothes

lucinda king earrings

What I’m Wearing

The earring images in this post are sponsored by Lucinda King.

Earrings | Lucinda King, here

Scarf | ASOS, linked below

Coat | H&M, similar linked below

Shoes | H&M, here

Jumper | Shein, here 

Sunglasses | Céline, similar linked below


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