The Diary of a Concerned Shampooer

cream fluffy coat

long furry coat

Dear Diary,

I’m writing this down in here as a reminder because I just keep forgetting to buy it whenever I go shopping and/or am browsing the internet for three hours looking at knitwear. I have GOT to remember to buy new conditioner. I’m plagued with perpetually clean but also greasy looking hair. Conditioner related depression has ensued. Self-esteem low. Keep looking at old pics of when my hair looked full of body. Debates around potential perm resumed.

Grandma, of course, is v encouraging over perm as she seems to do hers on a bi-weekly basis and keeps insisting it’s what keeps her youthful (it’s either that or the botox). On the other hand, mum is against perm, reciting hairdressing horror stories of her Lady Di days.

It all reached unbearable heights when Meghan Markle swished onto my screen last Monday night. Everyone thought that the smug smile on her face was because she’d bagged herself a Prince but I know it’s secretly because she was having a good hair day. Cat that got the cream.

Anyway, should probably instead just invest in a good mouse and rollers. Less damaging. Oh, and change that conditioner.

Maybe I’ll Youtube some conditioner reviews. ‘To Youtube’ is a verb now. As declared here. Longing for Vivienne from Pretty Woman (post-prositute days) and/or Cindy Crawford from the Pepsi ad hair.

Hmmm, should also remember to appreciate what I’ve got.

Until next time, Diary (when my hair is back to standard).

long shaggy coat

winter white outfit

What I’m Wearing

Coat | Religion at ASOS, linked below

Jumper | River Island, here

Jeans | Zara, similar linked below

Trainers | H&M, similar linked below

Sunglasses | Céline, similar linked below


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