How to Deal with the Spring Weather 101

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Crikey, it’s that time of year again; the time when your 70 year old neighbour whips off his top at the sight of light cloud and a 12 degree weather report (no? Just mine?) and when you swap your grey polo neck for a pink one, because it’s March! Yep, it’s Spring again, which for Britain means nothing more than one less layer and maybe an extra rain shower. But I’m all for kidding ourselves that the weather is changing and days of Riviera-style heat are about to kick in (I even shed my oversized coat for a blazer last week *gasp*), so here’s a guide on how to deal with the Spring weather 101 (to be quite truthful I’m not even sure what 101 means, but it sounds appropriate).

Tip No. 1 – Microclimates and Tomasz Schafernaker

When Tomasz Schafernaker from BBC weather announces sunshine and warmer temps, do not be fooled. Throwing on your white eyelet dress in haste to get outside and start tanning is going to leave you disappointed. Instead, politely ignore Tomasz’ report and go and test the weather for yourself. To avoid being tricked by naughty sun traps and microclimates, situate yourself in various positions of the garden, or outdoor space near your home, to gauge an accurate perception of the weather. In each spot, judge the atmospheric conditions sans layers, and also with a coat. That way you’ll get the full experience and be ready to embrace the Spring day.

Tip No. 2 – Downpours and Suede Shoes

Rid yourself of brollies, rain coats and inhibitions, and embrace the Spring showers. There’s nothing like running through puddles in your new suede shoes, skipping and twirling down the high-street – Sound of Music style – water running down your face, or brightening up the office with your frizzy, damp hair (we all know that it’s natural beauty that counts anyway)! It’s far too much effort to be lumbering an umbrella with you wherever you go, and quite frankly it’s somewhat dangerous (in fact, it was touch and go for a lady whose eye I nearly poked out with one of the spikes last week). Instead, embrace the au naturel, save yourself time from worrying where you put your brolli, and enjoy the April showers!

Tip No. 3 – Ice-creams and Other Spring-inducing Accessories

There’s nothing like your first ice-cream (or Cosmopolitan) whilst sat in rays of sun to get you feeling Spring-like and terribly lively. Accessories, i.e. ice-cream, will convince you that you didn’t wake up shivering this morning and that the snow you just saw fall was actually daisy petals dancing in the gentle Spring breeze. Other Spring-inducing accessories include; a trench coat, a pair of Céline sunglasses (I mean, they don’t have to be Céline but it’s preferable) and pastel-coloured nail varnish.

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classic outfit

What I’m Wearing

Coat | Mango, similar linked below

Jeans | H&M, here

Shirt | Oasis, similar linked below

Trainers | Pull & Bear, similar linked below

Sunglasses | Céline, linked below

Lipstick | Youngblood, here


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