How to Deal With Insta Fame

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How to Deal with Insta Fame

When you’ve garnered a small audience of Instagram followers, you may as well title yourself a ‘celebrity’. Let’s face it, Instagram influencers are basically the new Angelinas and Brads of the millennial generation, and I’m sure you can jump on that bandwagon as soon as a few thousand people have pressed the follow button. But how should we deal with this new found social media fame? The Millennial Girl’s Guide has it broken down for you, from how to deal with the men, the women right through to how you should conduct yourself…

The Men

If you’re a female in this business it’s likely that you’ll garner a few male admirers along the way. In fact, you’ll probably be bombarded with a series of attractive men asking for you hand in marriage.

Okay, so attractive may be a strong word because they actually don’t even have a profile picture on their Insta account, and they’ve only posted a few pictures of some machine guns, and they haven’t actually even spelt your name right when they asked you to marry them… But flattery is flattery, right?

You’ll need to accept and prepare yourself for these constant showers of compliments and proposals, but you must remember that no matter how desperately single you are, no good can come out of responding to ‘@Gio127Revolver’. Trust me. This is all a small part of the Insta fame malarkey so don’t get swept up in all the ‘your beuteeful’s in your DM box (unless he’s really good looking and seems relatively normal, then we can forgive him for his illiteracy…).


The Women

Don’t be surprised if fans come running up to you in the queue for the M&S toilets demanding a selfie. As you reach the pinnacle of your Insta fame, it’s your job as a social media star to oblige, posing for as many pictures as they so desire (even if you’re bursting for the loo and have fallen to the back of the queue).

In order to always be prepared for such moments (they will happen more frequently than you so realise), make sure your foundation is always ‘on point’, as they say – regular touch ups will be completely necessary. There’s nothing worse than a bad selfie of you being bandied around online! Sigh.

The Copy-Cats

They’ll always be some fawning fans that take things to the next level. You need to be aware of the power of your influence and remember that there will always be those wanting to be you. While direct contact with these people is unadvisable, it might be wise to consider getting a restraining order against said copy-cat.

Outftis and Deportment

Think Gemma Collins. Think Joan Collins. You need your image to live up to your diva namesake. I recommend investing in a pink tracksuit and oversized sunglasses. But don’t go Juicy Couture, we don’t want to go too OTT now, do we?

The Insta celebrity lifestyle isn’t an easy one to maintain and you’ll need to make sure you’re booked in for regular blowdries and other such TOWIE-style appointments (hence, the GC reference). It’s all about staying on brand because HEAVEN FORBID people think that our real life is nothing like our Instagram one!

Finally, if things get really serious I’d consider hiring a body-guard. It may not be necessary but we don’t want a repeat of the Kim K in Paris saga. Good luck!

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