How to Convince Everyone You’re a Socialite

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Parties, work events or social occasions, here’s your flawless guide into convincing everyone you’re the Olivia Palermo of your circle…

You Turn Invitations Down – there’s nothing good about a girl who is always available. You’re extremely busy like, you know, watching Say Yes To The Dress reruns.

…But You Accept Enough For Everyone to Realise You’re Popular.

You Leave Events Early: excuses being you’ve got to get up really early to get the train to an important place to meet important people, or you’ve got another event to go to. Things to do, people to see.

You Don’t Network. Oh please, someone like you doesn’t need any more contacts. Your friends list is already full.

You Make Everyone Wait… Rumour has it that you’re attending this party. No one knows when. No one knows who you’re arriving with. But you’ll be there. Eventually.

You Always Wear Something Fashionable But Classic. You don’t want images resembling Paris Hilton in 2006 haunting you for the rest of your life.

You Check Your Phone For Important Messages. Lots of significant people are trying to get hold of you.

Shhhh… realities; 

  • people will get annoyed with you for always being late
  • you leave before the best bits of the night because you drop out early to look super busy
  • rather than being a socialite you’ll be known for your diva tendencies
  • you’ll be sat at home alone in your pyjamas avoiding going out because you’ve turned down invites
  • you never make new friends because you’re trying to look to popular

…but a girl can try 

black boots

celine sunglasses

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What I’m Wearing

Top | Zara

Jacket | Zara

Trousers | Zara

Boots | Zara

Sunglasses | Céline (linked below)



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