A Style Return


As the summer draws to a close and the smell of pumpkin spiced lattes looms in the not too distant future, there is a sense of change that comes at the end of August. Whether it’s the ingrained school timetable that stays with us well past those pleated-skirt wearing days, or the excitement of getting back into oversized knits, September brings with it the promise of something new. And, as with any fashion-loving-millennial, my sense of style starts to take a wander at this time of year too…

There’s something more formal, more motivating about autumn style than there is summer. Linen shorts are replaced by belted trousers and ruffles eschewed for structured blazers. So naturally, I follow (in a tailored) suit and opt for things a little more classic. The ebb and flow of fashion means we stray from our favourites for a short time, before returning, tails between our legs, back to our old friends. This season, I’ll be welcoming back neutrals (my forever faithful colour palette), blazers and lots of denim. But one style rule I’ll be following that we’re all familiar with? It’s the details that count. A classic outfit of jeans and a striped tee isn’t complete without paying attention to the little things. The cut of the denim, the neckline of the top, and of course, the jewellery…


Jewellery is a mode in which you can express your personal style. Like a house without artwork, or an Aperol spritz without prosecco, an outfit wouldn’t be complete without the decoration of jewellery. What would be the point in a manicure, if there are no gold rings to add the finishing touch?

As we head into autumn, and my style takes a turn towards the classics, I’ve found that my jewellery choices are heading down the same road. Feminine, but statement gold jewellery like these Thomas Sabo rings take precedence, adding an eye-catching but elegant twist to the outfit.

For me, gold jewellery will remain a life-long companion. A red manicure and gold-ring-laden fingers will always remind me of decadent Italian ladies and old Hollywood. It rings of glamour, of someone who has their life together. And that’s what style should be, shouldn’t it? A representation of who you are and who you’d like to be.

These timeless Thomas Sabo rings for women are from their Glam & Soul range, aimed to suit all styles and occasions. Crafted from 925 Sterling silver and finished with 18k yellow gold plating, they are just two examples of the diverse selection the range offers. White diamonds are embedded into the Vintage Gold ring, whilst zirconia white stones add a glimmer to the band of the Dots with White Stones ring; it’s such attention to detail that drew me to these pieces.

Timeless and perfectly formed, Thomas Sabo’s Glam & Soul range tiptoes the line between affordability and luxury. Invest in these and you have jewellery for life… And wouldn’t they look great wrapped around your pumpkin spiced latte?

This post is in sponsored collaboration with Thomas Sabo.



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