5 Reasons To Justify a Designer Bag

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5 Reasons to Justify a Designer Bag

If you’re desperately seeking ways to binge-spend your hard earned cash on a designer bag, or to convince yourself you’re making the right decision then look no further than this post (and thank goodness you found me!!). Listed below are five tested justifications to give you that little push onto the Selfridges handbag floor, promising a #noregrets feeling once you’ve taken the plunge.

1) A common talking point:

If you consider yourself not much of a small talker then it may be worth making the thousand pound purchase to get conversation flowing. It could be in an awkward queue, or if you’re left alone with a shy and retiring work colleague, this is a foolproof technique to kick start a chat…

There’s rarely a time goes by when my bag hasn’t been a talking point between new acquaintances (except maybe between me and the man in the post office depot… And maybe me and the cashier in Sainsburys… But other than that, I really can’t think of a single time a designer bag hasn’t been a conversation starter!). Okay, they may be ridiculing the large portion of your savings you’ve spent on a 20cm x 15cm cross-body Valentino rock-stud, but it’s honestly worth the investment for all those awkward moments it prevents!

Example of designer bag conversation starter to get you going:

You to a new acquaintance trying to make small talk:  

‘Gosh, I can’t even fit my iPhone into this bag, crazy that I spent nearly two thousand pounds on it! Hahah, aren’t I  stupid?!’

Them: ‘You spent HOW much?! Isn’t that a bit ridiculous…’

You: ‘Yes but it’s *insert relevant designer’s name* and they’re going to be collector’s items in a few years!’

Them: ‘Oh tell me more about this brand, maybe I’ll invest in one myself…’

You get it now?

2. Storage Space:

You may not be surprised to hear that a designer bag can provide you with much needed space to store your lipstick, cards and phone that would have otherwise been such a struggle to carry around with you.

But a normal, high-street bag can do the same, I hear you cry?! Yes, indeed but you won’t get the same satisfaction as you look down at your striking high-end logo and all of its attention to detail… Worth every penny.

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3. To Tick it Off Your Bucket List:

On everyone’s bucket list should be to spend a crazy amount of money on yourself at some point – so why not make it a bag? It’s a serious life goal that must be accomplished a some point or another, and it’s more likely to happen whilst you’re young and carefree than later in life when you’ve got more responsibility. Honestly, take the plunge… I promise you won’t regret it!

4. A Bag is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

You know that longing feeling where you picture every outfit with the bag? Where you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about what it would look like in your dressing table? Where you think you can’t cope any longer without said bag?! Wait, please tell me this isn’t just me…?

Anyway, I assure  you this feeling will disappear when you buy the bag. You’ll never long for anything again.* Once you’ve made your purchase you’ll be satisfied enough to not look at bags, shoes, or any other luxury accessory for the rest of eternity.

*possible time limits may apply depending on what kind of person you are… But from experience, I suggest you won’t lust for anything for a good five months, which has got to be a positive!

5. For the Insta Fame

Nothing says instant Insta fame like a designer bag… Honestly, if you’re looking to grow your Insta page then this is surely the only way?! Your 350 and counting followers will go crazy for your new luxury purchase, escalating your Instagram positioning to new and dizzying heights. The money spent will be nothing compared to the new world opening up on your Instagram account. One good shot and you’ll have made it! Really, is there any better justification than that?! I think not.

So, just to clarify: you need to buy the bag. But seriously, do you even need a reason?

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