3 WhatsApp Group Chats You’ve Definitely Had With Your Girl Gang

leopard print jacket

leopard print jacket

Below are three WhatsApp chats based on real life events. The names are protected for security reasons and have been replaced by pseudonyms. Some of what you read is exaggerated for your entertainment. But mostly not. Most of it is just real life melodrama.


Annabel: Okay so…

*Three dots appear to signify typing from Annabel. Group captured in suspense. All real life events on hold.*

Annabel: I’ve got a crisis.

Laura: Omg.

Tell. Now.

Yasmin: Whhaaaaaat?! Explain.

Annabel: I think this guy at work fancies me. But idk.

Yasmin: NO!!!!! Why?! Who is it?! What’s he like? Screenshot? What’s his name?

Annabel: I’m not telling you. He’s not actually that fit… You have to know his personality…

Laura: Right, so explain…

Annabel: Well when I went to the toilets yesterday, he held the door open for me and asked if I wanted a coffee. I mean, he was making coffees for the whole team but he didn’t ask them if they wanted sugar and milk, but he specifically asked me.

Yasmin: Eeeeeek! Okay you need to play it cool. Just go with the flow.

Laura: Yeah don’t seem too keen. Maybe tomorrow make him a coffee too? Or is that too much?

Yasmin: NO! That’s way too much. God, can you actually imagine if he KNOWS you like him?!!!! Jeeeez.

Annabel: Hahahah!!! Ahhhh yeah you’re right. That would be horrendous. I will just smile at him when I arrive in the morning, that will probs give him the hint…

leopard print jacket


12.34am – Girl 1: Tinder’s back. Slim pickings. Depressed.

12.35am – Girl 2: Christ, I know. It’s a famine of choice.

9am – Girl 1: Deleted it. Again.

9.01am – Girl 2: Omg dying at this. Literally me. Gahhh! It’s a quarter life crisis.

9.02am – Girl 1: Speaking of which, I’m at the gym. So fat. Is this really me in the mirror?! Or do they put up fat accentuating mirrors to encourage people to keep their memberships?

9.03am – Girl 2: I’m hoping the latter. I feel disgusting.

*A little while later* 

5.30pm – Girl 2: Fancy a takeaway?

5.31pm – Girl 1: Yaaaaas! Why not?! I’ve been really good today since the gym saga. Chinese or Indian?

la redoute outfit


leopard print jacket


Rachael: I can’t find a job. My life is a misery. Been crying for the past twenty mins. Full on break down. Got mascara all down my face (P.S. can anyone recommend a good waterproof mascara?).

Amy: RIGHT! That’s it. No more of this upset. Do NOT let this get you down. That’s not the Rachael I know.

Rebecca: Agreed with Amy. You’re beautiful, talented, a graduate from a great uni. The world is your OYSTER, babe. Don’t let this ruin you. Let’s go out on Sat night?! Need to cheer you up. Will buy you some drinks.

Amy: EXACTLY!!!!! Yes. So up for Saturday. You’ve got everything going for you. Somewhere to live, food on the table, a great group of friends, a Saint Laurent handbag… The list is endless. Who needs a job anyway?!!! Oh btw, Max Factor is a great mascara. Used it when I broke up with John.

Rachael: Okay you’re right. Feeling so much better now girls, thank you!!! Love you!!! Has anyone got anything I can wear with that ruffled blouse I’ve got for Sat? Can’t WAAAIT!!!!!

la redoute outfit

What I’m Wearing

Jacket | La Redoute, linked below

Jeans | Zara, similar linked below

Jumper | Topshop, similar linked below

Shoes | Primark, similar linked below

Bag | Gucci, similar linked below


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