3 Alternative Reasons Every Girl Needs a Decent Sized Bag


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3 Alternative Reasons Every Girl Needs a Decent Sized Bag | An Unbiased Report from a Bag Lover.

1) Escapism

A decent sized bag that fits all your junk, sorry, endless amounts of life-enabling equipment, can be useful for a myriad of reasons. Yes, a pack of tissues can come in handy if you spill your overpriced smoothie down your new blouse. Equally, an umbrella will come to your rescue in a sudden downpour (something a smaller bag will inevitably fail to fit in).

Indeed, a decent sized bag can guide you through many a ‘real life’ situation and be there for you practically. That said, I’m sure you never thought escapism would come into play as part of the reasons you need a decent sized bag…

When bored, on your commute home from work, in the shower or can’t sleep, you should imagine yourself talking through the contents of said decent-sized-bag in a manner of a famous vlogger and/or celebrity. The bigger the bag, the more contents, meaning you have longer to conjure up your fantasy of becoming the next Victoria Beckham (and kill time). A ‘What’s in my Bag’ can keep you entertained for hours, telling your fans why it’s important to carry around a spare pair of shoes and that hilarious story of when you discovered you need three types of lipstick in your bag and not two. Oh look at that, you’re only one stop away from your platform!*

*Please keep all ‘What’s in my Bag’ chatter to inside your head as I’m sure the balding man opposite you on the train doesn’t want to know why you carry round sachets of sweetener in your handbag.

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2) Being a Grown-Up

It’s almost certain that if you’re carrying a bigger bag people are more likely to treat you in an adult manner. You could be in floods of tears wearing a bubble-gum pink tutu and you’ll still get knowing looks from other adults that you’re on an equal playing field to them with your decent sized bag.

If you think about it, evolution breeds us to think so. Mums need bigger bags to carry baby things in, and what is more adult than being a hassled mother with five screaming kids and a bag full of bottles? (I’m not suggesting you need to become a mother to carry a decent sized bag, but just that you’re likely to be taken more seriously if you do wear one…).

3) The Cold Months

Climatic change can be a traumatic experience for us non-fur-bearing humans. Onward we must battle in the face of bitter winds, a deluge of rain and onslaught of frost. Yes, we have reached winter and as well as an acute lack of vitamin D, we must come prepared for all eventualities.

Whilst in summer it may be appropriate to skip around with just a little zip up purse and a lipstick tucked into your pocket, come winter the bag-etiquette-tables must be turned.

Cold Weather Bag Essentials Include:

  • Hand warmers
  • Gloves
  • Cold and flu tablets
  • Chesty cough medicine
  • Paracetamol
  • Cold and flu tablets (sorry, did I mention that already? I’m feeling a bit under the weather…)
  • Umbrellas (two incase one breaks, which is a mandatory part of being an umbrella-owner)
  • A hat
  • Cafe Nero loyalty card

(This also gives you more items for your fantasy ‘what’s in my bag’ interview/Youtube video depending on whether you decided your were a famous vlogger or actress).

Bonus 4)

As none of the above was so relevant to anything in life, try this fifth BONUS (and most useful reason) if you need justification for purchasing a new bag… Modalu are offering a further 10% off their Black Friday sale with the code LYDIA10. How fabulously fantastic! Now go forth and spend…

The post is in sponsored collaboration with Modalu.

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